It’s a Wrap-[Up]

It’s New Year’s Eve. It is. Here – that’s Australia, down-under, southern side of the date-line. Summer. Hot.

What does a person do on NYE? Okay, apart from panic about the passage of time, drink a bit too much, eat the things they’ll suffer for on the morn – yes, apart from all that stuff?

Look back, I hear. See what happened in the year just gone.

Well, I have to be honest – it’s a bit of a blur. Sitting here and thinking – what did I do? What were the achievements? Anything noteworthy?

And, of course, there are achievements (I think I published a few books [I might need to check the details …], but I’m not too concerned about them. I don’t want to look back – so the other option is …

What is there to look forward to?

Wwwwwellllllllllllllll – do I really have to say? Can’t it be a secret?

Those resolution things? I only make resolutions that fit with what I’m already doing, so they’re fine.

What about the other things – plans and dreams and aspirations? We all have them, don’t we?

Instead, I’d like a boon this year. I’d like the gift of a sound mind (okay, okay – sound for a writer! Happy?) and a competent body.

Anyone know where I can get that dream? Anyone?

Oh, and I might plan on updating my glasses this year (unless the screen on the telly is fudging the small stuff to make me buy a bigger telly – not gonna happen!).

What else?

A new keyboard – ergonomic, of course, because I spend a lot of hours (or should that be ‘words’?) on it. I counted the words last year, you know. Wanna guess? Or should I just give up my secrets without any prompting?

Three novels, two anthologies (that’s a finalised count of approx 200,000 words right there, not counting edits and research and rewrites – of which I do a lot), five first drafts (waiting for some brain-storm activity, editing, or other forms of torture), and I removed two sets of anthologies (yes, I do that – why? Because I want each book to be an improvement on the last, and I often use the shorts in the anthologies as the basis for a larger story … that’s my reasoning – and I’m one of the people who think not all things should stay there Forever!). So, on with the gab … where was I?

Five first drafts – the Valki story, the Wild Hunt story, Unburdened story, the Tour story (not a finished first draft – not by a long shot!), and the Ozzie Opuscules (yes, a series of Australian themed novellas based on the 26 letters of the alphabet (and if you believe I can write a short piece, I have a bridge to sell you!) and it’s not like anyone else has done the alphabet thing, is it?), so count of the words, and – drum roll – tah-dah! Add another 300,000 words to the first 200,000 words of the published and available words …

I desperately need a new keyboard (with a cord – batteries are expensive!).

Something not in that word count is the ‘other’ stuff. What? Oh, okay – notes, research, playing around with ideas to see how they pan out, character interviews, writing a scene from several different emotional angles, critiques, emails, selling myself to sell a story … and I can’t tell you how many words are in that. If I kept a record of that, the sanity would slip a long way down that slope … I can feel it, I’m going down, hold onto me, down … down … gurgle …

Right, back.

What next?

I’m going to work now – I’m going to write a new thriller (March?), and then I’m going to … check on the folder of first drafts to see who wants to come out to play (Tour?).

Did I start this post for a reason? That’s what happens at the close of a year – mind-mucking-out!

Cheers and a Happy New Year!!!

In February, I’ll do it all again for the start of the Chinese New Year!!!


19 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap-[Up]

    • I might need a new body this year, though, to do half of what I did last year! A couple (or six) failed bone bits in my back makes life very focussed – but not on the things I want to focus on!
      2019 may not produce what I want, but it won’t stop me … just slow me down (a tiny bit).
      And your story, Jim? Building, thinking, planning, shaping?

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  1. That is a serious number of words. I think a new keyboard is worth it. You are saying your body is giving you the jip so pamper it with a new keyboard and maybe a new chair to sit in for writing/typing that could help you. Easy for me to say I know. I sit up on a pile of pillows to type so I can be higher than the keyboard. And it is softer for my derriere. Happy New Year to you Cage!

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  2. Happy 2019 to you Cage. I look forward, onwards and upwards, to continued edits and fine-tuning on my ms, and beginning fresh on an old half-done, poorly written ms. I hope for permanent paid work, as well as more freelancing too. Health, love, family time, walks and contentment. All the best for you…have thoroughly enjoyed connecting with you in this space and truly appreciate your interest and comments. HNY!

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  3. Happy 2019! Wow! I can’t wait to see your new books. And I have one of yours to read. So it fits with my new year’s resolution — to write but also to read more indepedent books and review at least one a month.

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