The Smashwords EOY Thingy

Smashwords has a sale on from 25 December until 1 Jan (I think that’s US dates, so for us Aussies, we need to think in terms of being a day ahead of the rest of the world, but hey!).

It’s a good opportunity to either: get your books seen (if you’re an author), or – get your books cheaper (if you’re a reader). These are mine and most of them will be half-price for the sale:

The Old Woman & the Mad Horse – Case file for: the Big Three Mining Investigation, Thriller, espionage, rural Australia, light romance
Picquet Light Sci-fi, Action-adventure, light horror/fantasy by Karel Jaeger & Cage Dunn
Not On The Cards
Urban Fantasy, Light Sci-fi, Contemporary, Arcane by Cage Dunn
Who Will Rule Magic? Kraken, Dragon, Cat vs. Kangaroo, Cockatoo, Crocodile Fantasy Allegory by Cage Dunn.
Agoness YA Fantasy/Military by Cisi De & Cage Dunn.

As both, I win either way (and one day I’ll tell you the story about going to the Grand Final with an Eagles umbrella and Hawks scarves and vest – can’t lose situation!).books-3071110_640

I get to see what’s coming up at prices I may be able to afford. I love writing, love reading, do a lot of both. Joy, pure joy – and lots of books!

Oh, and following that (1 Jan ’til 5 Jan), I’ll have a short story anthology on Amazon go for five days of free (it’s on KU, so not available on Smashwords – it’s called ‘testing the market’).

Seeking, Short stories (exclusive to Amazon).

If you need some down-time after the collapse from rush-around-like-idiot-time, there’s always books and stories – come in and see. Or add your books to the tree!




Oh, pointing out that I said No More Posts until January – answer: this isn’t a post, it’s a plug!



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