Ever Wanted to Read …

A thriller about a damaged ex-covert operative living in Australia?
A fantasy allegory with Aussie creatures (and a few foreign dignitaries)?
A wild urban fantasy with tarot cards?
A young man’s adventure with the enemies of the Father Holy?
A new world?

This is your chance – the last post for 2018 for my books, so here they are:
(click on the cover for the Amazon preview, or here for other distributors)

The Old Woman & the Mad Horse - Case File for: The Big Three Mining Investigation by [Dunn, Cage, Brimson, Rose]    Who Will Rule Magic?: Kraken, Dragon, Cat vs. Kangaroo, Cockatoo, Crocodile by [Dunn, Cage]

Not On The Cards by [Dunn, Cage]    Picquet by [Jaeger, Karel, Dunn, Cage]

Agoness by [De, Cisi, Dunn, Cage]

And some short stories:

Seeking: Short Stories by [Dunn, Cage]   

I’m currently working on a new thriller (with a dog) and editing two others (one urban/rural fantasy and one off-world fantasy).

I hope everyone enjoys the season, stays warm or cool depending on which end of the world you live, and gets a chance to read!








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