The Words Did it, You Can’t Blame Me!

The words get put together in a pattern, and within that pattern is a call to respond. They do it, they sing, they whisper, they scream and curdle. Words are magic, they spell the reader, the speaker, the writer. The temptation they speak of will twist the recipient to the will of the words, embroil … Continue reading The Words Did it, You Can’t Blame Me!


What a wonderful idea! What a thoughtful gift!

The Write Stuff

Every now and then, I find a few minutes to create a graphic or two. After I finished with my Christmas sale images, I figured why not do a generic review reminder? One that hopefully won’t be a problem with Amazon, since it doesn’t mention anyone’s books specifically and doesn’t suggest giving a book in exchange for a review. I think this one should be fine. If you have a use for it, please feel to save it. I plan to use it on Twitter, etc, since I want to encourage readers to leave more reviews, period, for any author they like. Maybe this will help. Enjoy!

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If You Want to be Heard

I think this needs to be said again … in fact, I might put it on an annual calendar as a reminder …

Cage Dunn: Writer, Author, Teller-of-tall-tales

You have to speak. No one can hear you if you don’t or won’t say the words, do the thing, make your presence felt.

I follow a lot of blogs because I find what they have to say is interesting. And, being a compulsive creature of a clean nature (that’s bs, by the way), I check up on them even if I don’t see a post for a while.

Gone. Disappeared into the ether. More silent than night.

Why? Was it so hard to say your piece?

After a few moments (and doing other things, when it frees the mind to do such fossicking), I discovered a pattern.

People let it all out. Once. Sometimes twice. And that’s all there is, all she wrote, all that’s necessary.

It’s not.

One post the other day talked about where the bullying mind-set came from, why people do it (can’t find it now…

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Small Town Kid – review

See – I told you it was good! And he’s got lots more! There are two reviews on the .com site plus one on the site!

Frank Prem Poetry

My thanks to Ms Jade Li for this wonderful review of my Small Town Kid memoir. Ms Jade Li’s review is such a thrill for me, that I reproduce it in full, below.

December 14, 2018

From the dedication poem, “I Can Hardly Wait to Show You”, to “Circular Square Town”, Frank Prem’s chronological journey from infancy to the present has a familiar feel to it; almost as if you were take a walk through your own memory lane to recall the innumerable small, but unforgettable moments that make up a life.
Frank’s style is minimalist, with plenty of room to fill in the blanks with your own conjecture or possible parallel memories. Written about an Australian town that was a gold-rush town in its day, it touches on those times as well as…

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