I Hope Someone Remembers – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Lest We Forget – the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, recall those we lost … Thanks, Paul.



Photo: https://media.iwm.org.uk/ciim5/36/103/large_000000.jpg

A World War 1 trench, not quite the Hyatt, Hilton or whatever, way beyond my experience.

I Hope Someone Remembers

Trenches could not be loved,
they were open tombs,
flooded, muddied, with
congealed wire garlands and
sodden timber treads,
and the stench of the living dead all round,
their sunken eyes testimony to
the glue of resignation and guilt.
Our feet blackened for love of country,
our minds already lost
in battles of their own,
Dante’s Inferno come to life,
with the sting of gas and metallic chatter,
always the thudding, crumping, shells
that shake our bones
and reshape our vision.
Our thoughts occasionally turn to
going home, could it be?
But that thought is scotched
as machine guns lace the air,
and the referee’s whistle calls play,
all the while the unrelenting cries
of death and pain rain down.
No more to hold a hand or taste…

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Review 3*: The Coconut Rebellion

If you enjoy reading fun stories, this is one – and an Australian author!

Indie Reviews

Three Star Review of:

The Coconut Rebellion by Mark Stary
It says YA, but really closer to Middle Grade, Fantasy

blurb (from Smashwords):

Cursed to live on an island for a crime they did not commit, the fish of Sea Devil Lagoon must set forth from their island prison and find the evidence to prove their innocence. But this will not be easy. Standing in their way is a devious squid intent on world domination and the evil Scourge Stingrays. Buckle up me hearties … for the Coconut Rebellion is about to begin!
The lagoon at Sea Devil Island is an idealistic place for a colony of fish to live and raise a family … peaceful and quiet. A little too quiet for young Jack Herron, who yearns to explore the world beyond his lagoon. But it is forbidden for junior fish to venture outside the lagoon. So when…

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?A Normal Boring Day – A Novel Opening Seen Too Often

I agree. In fact, I like to think ‘setup’ means not the story or character, but to set up the conflict – in tiny, bite-sized chunks …

Indie Reviews

There are so many bad ways to open novels, and the above is only one. A normal day. Someone wakes up and does normal, everyday boring things. Why would we want to read that story?

There is the answer – no one will read that story. If it’s a normal, boring day, it’s what they live with every day, so why waste time being inside a story that is someone else’s normal boring day.

Worse yet, is the info-dump to start a story. Told where it is, who they are, and what’s on the menu. It doesn’t matter what genre. Any story that starts with a dump of information is losing the opportunity to get the reader attached to the people within that story.

That’s what the writer wants, isn’t it? To get the reader to love those characters they’ve spent so much time creating?

So why wake them…

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