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Indie Reviews

It’s a long title, here’s the full tilt (someone should tell the author to do short titles, or about subtitles)

Who Will Rule Magic? Kraken, Dragon, Cat vs. Kangaroo, Cockatoo, Crocodile by Cage Dunn, Fantasy/Allegory

Blurb (from Amazon):  Fantasy Allegory (Environmental). There must be a representative for each element on the Council for Creatures of Magic except when it comes to the Law of Singularity. This year, Australia is hosting the International Conference for Creatures of Magic and their Representatives. Standard procedure, a bit of a lark for the delegates. Nothing ever changes. Except this time. Kraken abdicates. Who Will Rule Magic?: Kraken, Dragon, Cat vs. Kangaroo, Cockatoo, Crocodile by [Dunn, Cage]Dragon resigns. The host country must provide Candidates to undertake the Test of the Puzzle. If they fail, Cat becomes Overall Ruler of Magic, the Overlord, the King of all he surveys, by the Law of Singularity. Uh, uh. Cockatoo can’t have a cat-killer lording it over the creatures of Air. Never. Not…

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The Memory Remains – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

We have blue wrens visit our garden – and yes, it is a jolt to realise what you’re seeing! Such a brief rush of colour, such a delight in a world of mundanes and plains – the flash! thanks, Paul.


Impressionable – Word of the Day


Photo: abc.net.au  Splendid Fairy Wren

The Memory Remains

The dusky room of worn out boards
and endless drone,
where colour fades
and nothing glows,
whiskey days and ash trays,
stale air and chatter.
And as I gazed out on the world
of thunderstorm
and greyed sky,
I saw a momentary flutter.
And there in this dour sea,
a flash of blue so vivid,
it jolted
my heart awake,
a flood of joy so strong,
the memory remains,
and hope, I sensed,

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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Goodbye, Google+

Biting the dust – it’s contagious!

Nicholas C. Rossis

Google+ | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's bookGoogle+, Google’s answer to Facebook, announced a few days ago in a simple blog post that the company will be “sunsetting consumer Google+.”

Almost hidden within talk of Project Strobe (a sort of audit for third-party apps and data privacy) was this simple declaration:

We are shutting down Google+ for consumers.

The decision seems to be the result of two things: that the platform failed to capture users’ attention, with 90 percent of Google+ user sessions lasting less than five seconds.

And second, a bug allowed apps access to people’s private data. More specifically, apps also had access to Profile fields that were shared with the user, but not marked as public. These included name, email address, occupation, gender, and age but not any other data you may have posted or connected to Google+ or any other service, like Google+ posts, messages, Google account data, phone numbers or G Suite content.

Even though…

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Review: Not on the Cards

Another review to add to her list …

Indie Reviews

Not on the Cards by Cage Dunn

Urban fantasy/contemporary/arcane

blurb: (from the website) 
A mother will do anything, travel all worlds, through times and planes and dimensions, even beyond the known, for her child.
Chiri’s first concern should be the safety of her daughter, but as the Gate-Keeper responsible for the lives of millions, all now in grave peril due to her error, she must choose.
Will she sacrifice the search for her child, or abandon her world to the fate decreed in the Cards?

Review: This was interesting. A story of needs versus love, of deeds versus promises, of commitment and release. Just the type of story I enjoy, but this one was so much more. It was paced to suit the needs of the main character – fast and careful. I know, they don’t go together, but this did.

I would give it five stars but…

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2 free days for the KDP how-to books

Pssst — it’s a secret, don’t tell anyone, but …

Meeka's Mind

I should probably stretch these promotions out but…meh, let’s have some fun. 🙂

Okay, from October 23 to 24 [2 days], the ebook version of How to Print Your Novel with Kindle Direct Publishing and How to Print Non-Fiction with Kindle Direct Publishing will be free on Amazon:

The difference between the two books is that the How to…Novel is pitched at absolute beginners while the How to Non-Fiction is for self-publishers who have to deal with lots of graphics. Oh and the How to Non-Fiction has a new Index of Links at the very back. You can find it by looking at the bottom of the Table of Contents.

If you’re just interested in the KDP side of the equation, both books cover the same information. This includes three appendices that contain information specifically for Aussie authors.

Both how-to books are in colour and fixed layout:

Although you can…

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