A Moon

On Saturday (0500) I’ll be getting up to look at the night sky. Why?

For this.

I’ll be looking at the dark red micro moon at full eclipse. A total lunar eclipse. It will be beautiful.

The super-moon eclipse was amazing, too, but when the moon is so big, so close, it feels ominous. The red micro-moon doesn’t do that. It’s amazing, it’s dramatic, but it’s not so close that you feel it breathing down your neck.

So, watch out foxes, watch out all you night critters, I’m coming outside on Saturday morning, at O-dark-hundred (not really, it’ll be sparrow-fart) to watch the moon from full-eclipse to moon-set.

Then I’ll go back to a normal day. With a smile on my dial.

If it isn’t raining …




22 thoughts on “A Moon

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  2. I’ll cross my fingers you don’t have clouds or rain. We had a blood moon here in the U.S. not too long ago. Good weather for it, but our eclipse day last year was cloudy and overcast … that was okay as I didn’t have the glasses, but the “watch parties” were sorely disappointed.

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    • Sorry – I saw the whole thing. It was clear and cold, and the moon (and Mars!) were as clear as a night sky can be. Beautiful. The best was near 0620, when it was darkest and Mars was the brightest red blot of ink in the blackness.


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