Three R’s And a New —–!

That’s Review,  Revise, Rewrite (not the aaaaaarrrrrrsss you were thinking!).

This is the last day (a bit hopeful there, but always the optimist) of that stage for the new story – Picquet. It always takes a while – in the beginning, it was about a week (or two), now it’s down to three days.

Yep – three R’s takes three days. I read fast, but now I do the notes fast, too. And now I know (sort-of) what’s important to look for, what little tickles need to become full-on massages. Where to hide the subtle touches, where to smack words into submission (they’re just words!), and where to trim the roses.

And in the meantime, I don’t touch the mss. Truly. It’s all notes and ideas and ‘what-if’s’. Now that the first draft is finished, I don’t want to touch it until I’m happy with each stage of the three R’s.

The final stage is Rewrite, so I should be touching the mss, you say.

No. The rewrite is where to note in the story that things either need to be rewritten, or removed, or relocated. It’s not update time. Yet.

Will that be tomorrow?

Very likely. Very, very likely. I’m so excited. And I have a cover. Want to see?


An inexperienced corporal must lead a motley group of civilians to the only extraction point from a planet erroneously assessed as suitable for human colonisation.

There’s a very good chance it will be out later this week. And see that other name? Karel (pronounced Carl) likes a good adventure story, a bit of action, a masculine story. This is one of those stories.

The Wattpad version will be updated the day before publication; at the moment, it’s the second-best version, but soon, so very, very soon, you get the real deal … monsters and all.

[pic from Pixabay]

However, it won’t be part of the Smashwords Summer-Winter Sale – Sorry!

swlogo  01-31 July 2018

There are other books that are, though, so you should take a peek and see if there’s something for you.

Not on the Cards
Will a mother give up her responsibilities to the role that protects the lives of millions to save her child?

An ordinary soldier is tasked with the most unusual role: ensure the survival of Agoness, daughter of the Father Holy.
How can he do that if she tells him nothing? How can he do that when she says the wrong thing to the wrong people at the wrong time?

Who Will Save Magic? Kraken, Dragon, Cat vs Kangaroo, Cockatoo, Crocodile
A fantasy-allegory tale, environmental – what will the animals of Earth and Air and Water choose? Ruled by smart-arse political mouths, as it always was, or a new direction?

Equine Neophyte of the Blood Desert
Slave? Or Death? Choose, Neesa of the name of the One.

A short post today, so I can go back to work. Now what’s that working song?




6 thoughts on “Three R’s And a New —–!

  1. lol – I admire your self-discipline! No way in the world I can just take notes without touching the MS. Now that I have print versions of my books I can make notes /in/ the proof copy without touching the MS, but that’s only for typos that I missed during all the other editing passes. 😦
    Congratulations with a touch of envy. 🙂

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