Would you like to hear a story?

There are many stories waiting for you to read them. Hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions. They are as different as each human is, and yet they carry the same shape of story as the time of dancing around a fire and singing the message.

Story is how we teach, how we learn, how we escape and dream. Story is all.

But now story is in trouble. People expect story to be something it can’t be. They want the old stories to become a new shape to fit the new generation. History doesn’t change, and therefore, the stories from within that moment won’t change. It matters not how the reader scoffs and harumphs at the things they no longer understand. What matters is that the readers of the time understood. And now we shape story to fit the mind of those who live in this moment of history and how they understand the world, and maybe those who will come to be in the near future.

Most people who read widely read story as if there is only one way to see or say or tell the story, that one way will be better than others. Not so. One story to Bob will be a journey that roars through the adventurous tales of a lad with ‘tude; it will be fun and exciting. The same story to Alice will be eye-rolling and over-done. She won’t even think of reading it. What Alice likes to read is deeply emotional, moving her to tears and occasionally to rage. This is what Alice likes in her story.

Where is this blog-journey-story going?

To a new story – or at least, a new way to read story.

Story has a shape, within that shape is the understanding of a reader who comes to look at it. A story of love and romance will be called a ‘romance’ and a story of planets and new worlds will be called ‘science-fiction’. This is the outer shape of story.

The storyteller in the background of this post likes to write speculative stories. What does that mean?

It’s a big umbrella, but basically (from Google, of course): a genre of fiction that encompasses works in which the setting is other than the real world, involving supernatural, futuristic, or other imagined elements.

For the purposes of this storyteller, the speculative elements are a little bit historical (battle! and armies!), a little bit science-fiction (not the hard stuff, sworn off it since that accident), a little bit paranatural (not in the realm of the too-many-already-written-about within the norms of ghosties, nor witches or wizards or zombies or vampires), and a little bit of mixed reality (urban fantasy – it’s a thing).

Still speculative fiction, stories about stuff that couldn’t possibly be real. *Smile*. Yet.

So, if you want to read an introductory chapter to the new story, it’s here. Picquet-Ch-One.



image from Pixabay.


8 thoughts on “Would you like to hear a story?

  1. uh oh! (not going to say more, don’t want to give away a spoiler. Love the start. Has me wondering what will happen next) (btw: typo? lenghtening vs lengthening — don’t know if this is one of those words that American spelling is different)

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