That’s a Desk?

I set out a routine to post two times a week – should I count reblogs? No. Twice a week. That means I have to find my desk – please don’t ask! – and do a post today.

Somewhere in there, under the piles of ‘stuff’ is a timber desk. On that timber desk is a laptop computer with my latest WIP – did I tell you the first Act is complete? No. It is.

The first draft of the first act for the Picquet story is complete. I’m not going back to edit anything until I finish the second Act. Assuming I can find the laptop to do that.

Which is where I am now.

I can’t find anything. Why?

Please do not ever allow anyone – anyone, anyone, anyone – to ‘tidy up’ your workspace. Please don’t offer to tidy up the workspace of a writer. Please. Just don’t.

I’ve wasted hours (okay, maybe one, or at the most two) trying to get things back into the state they need to be in, where everything is within a hand’s grasp so I don’t have to stop to think or look or reach. Things are where they should be, where I put them, where they belong.

Holy Crapoly, Batman – get out of my space!

Temper tantrum coming up.

Can I blame anyone but myself? Not really. I’m the one who works on too many things at the same time, and to anyone else, it could look very much like chaos – but it isn’t! Someone said this once (could be a fat ginger cat with the name of Garfield) ‘Creativity is not a pretty sight!’ And he’s right.

But I always know where it all is.

I know, I know; you remember the time I said that Scrivener meant I didn’t have to have all my notes all over the place? Well, I lied. (It happens. I tell stories.) Scrivener does help if I’m only working on one thing at a time. Mostly.

There are times when I’ve got stuff worked out, but as I sit down at night, the other little bits pop into the head and I scribble the bits of rabbit poo pebble ideas into notebooks, onto receipts, or napkins, or the back of bookmarks. And the next day they get ‘dealt with’ as appropriate.

But sometimes, they sit there until it’s time for that WIP to ‘get the treatment’, which means it may have to sit for a few days, maybe a week, definitely no more than a month. Really. Well, usually.

And then, and then, someone thinks I need the help to ‘clean up’ my workspace.

I think a little bit of murder may happen today – but maybe I should only write it into the story … I do quite like the person, but the actions require some redolent language lashing to ensure it never happens again! Ever.

And that’s the Wednesday Words for posterity (or at least until I do my own form of housekeeping!).

pics from Pixabay: chaos, questions, symmetry


10 thoughts on “That’s a Desk?

  1. I live in chaos, I found my desk today after weeks of looking for a space on it, so I get this. Now was that piles of poo, paper, and murder. Or was murder of paper and poo, or was it … 🙂

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