Mid-year blues – or reviews?

At the beginning of the year I made a plan for 2018.  And now it’s June. It’s the middle of my plan – do I dare look at the plan and see how I’ve done? Of course – I’m a masochist, love to inflict pain on myself – and I have to measure the tread of my journey, don’t I (and worry at the scabs and wounds – goes without saying).

What did I say? Five completed novels PLUS one anthology.

What have I got? One published novel (Not on the Cards), submitted two mss to traditional publishers (Titles still under consideration, one you might know and one that’s new), submitted to one competition (that wasn’t on the list, but I do it every year anyway), submitted shorts to StoryMart (two accepted! I’ll let you know when they go live), and one WIP (Part 1 complete, scene list complete), two new story ideas in the story wheel of fortune.

How many is that?

Published: One (that means not keeping up with the plan); due to come out of single seller and be widely published by 15 June.

Submitted: Two mss (one ‘complete’ and one with a three chapter, synopsis, and scene outline ready to complete if – well, you know). One is fantasy (Australian outback, horror/fantasy, contemporary); one is contemporary women’s fiction (yes, a bit different for me) with a romance subplot.

W’sIP: Three, two with complete scene lists, one with part one complete. Fantasy/action-adventure, fantasy/horror, and one contemporary. It seems I don’t like to stick to a single genre/type, doesn’t it?

Okay, I feel better now. There is still the potential to complete the five novels – but where is the anthology? Or will I …? No, I will do an anthology – maybe not the one currently under construction, but there will be an anthology. Stay tuned.

And I can still call myself by the title I now wear with pride, despite ‘flu that knocked me out for three weeks, an issue with keeping my back pain under control, and forcing my mind back into the right frame for continuing the journey.

I hope you stick with me, ‘cos there are more stories coming – and right soon!

Today I go back to work on the Wild Hunt mss, and start by editing the first quarter to get my mind back into the swing of things – I don’t usually edit like this until the mss is almost complete, but sometimes, you just gotta do it different. This is one of those times. Storytellers must be flexible in how they get the words out, how they tempt and bribe the musae into letting the secret become real.




7 thoughts on “Mid-year blues – or reviews?

    • It’s winter here, and the short days bring doom and gloom, pain to the arthritic mind – whoops, body – and a review can help see the light of spring in the not too distant future.


  1. Wow! you’re getting a lot of work done. It looks to me like you’re well on your way to getting 5 novels done. I didn’t realize at first you were planning on doing an anthology — i thought you were submitting to them so you’re actually planning on completing 6 books. Lot of work but you’re doing it. It’s good every once in while to climb a tree to look at the forest — because inside all the trees look the same and you may not be aware of how far you’ve walked.

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