F, F, ‘n F

Probably not what you expect. I'm sure most writers understand the fight or flight response. But guess what? There are three responses. Yep, three. What are they? Fight, flight and freeze. And they each lead into each other. The freeze response is usually the first. It's the immediate gut reaction, that hard knot that stops … Continue reading F, F, ‘n F


  Spirit Moments The sheoak whispers and wails A wattlebird warbles and whistles The laughing bird claims the tree – my tree, my tree, mine A possum tail flicks high in the red gum Silver-green leaves dance in the morning light Shivers of bark peel and curl and swirl down the trunk The ancient tree … Continue reading Poems

A Muse in the . . .

I was inspired by( https://dailytales.com.au/2018/05/04/195-the-tale-of-a-story-never-told/), and decided to reblog my own version of the wandering story-beings.

Cage Dunn: Writer, Author, Teller-of-tall-tales

What is the word for a whole passel of muses? Multiple voices yelling that it’s time they had a chance to say something?

Musae – that’s what it is. Hundreds of them, hanging around, waiting – not quietly – for their chance in the sun (or words). But they never shut up, never go away, never leave the mind at peace. Never.

In the bath, and my other half comes in, asks “you okay?”, I say “yeah, we’re fine.” he says “we?” I say “yeah, me and my muse – it’s telling me a story.”

True. This happens all the time. I don’t think I’ll live long enough to tell all the stories that come to me that way. Too many.

I worked it out once (this thought came from the muse of numbers). If I wrote ten books a year, I’d have to live for at least another fifty years to…

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