A short story. A burglar! She hadn’t seen him, hadn’t heard him. Only the creak, the groan of the old timber bench – he must have leaned on it, or hidden behind it, or used it to propel himself at her as she came in to investigate the noise. The television sound from the back … Continue reading Burglar!


Procrastination and Deflection

How does a writer find inspiration? Where do they go for help when the brain (or body) just refuses to cooperate? I have a strategy. I write up a few (dozen) titles and associated beat sheets. Most are never going to be more than those notes. I use it as a form of inspiration, to … Continue reading Procrastination and Deflection

Looking at Creativity the Write Way

This is the best way to say it! Long live the cooks, the builders, the artists, the day-carers …

KL Wagoner

I recently had a conversation with a friend who was upset by the snobbery she read about between creatives, specifically literary writers versus romance writers. (If it comes to fisticuffs, I’ll put my money on romance writers any day.) Setting aside personal preference regarding reading or writing a certain genre, this kind of comparison seems as rational as making fun of someone who prefers polo shirts over t-shirts or the color red over blue. I’m still trying to understand where this kind of thinking comes from.

Creativity vs. Creative Expression
Webster’s New World College Dictionary (Fourth Edition, 2001) defines “creative” as: (#2) having or showing imagination and artistic or intellectual inventiveness [creative writing]; and (#3) stimulating the imagination and inventive powers [creative toys]. In other words, creativity demonstrates imagination and inventiveness and stimulates the same.

Is what we think of creativity actually the expression of creativity? When we say…

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  Spirit Moments The sheoak whispers and wails A wattlebird warbles and whistles The laughing bird claims the tree – my tree, my tree, mine A possum tail flicks high in the red gum Silver-green leaves dance in the morning light Shivers of bark peel and curl and swirl down the trunk The ancient tree … Continue reading Poems

Well, Because It’s Wednesday, and I Promised

However, I left out the part about exactly what I promised. I have an excuse. A good one. Valid. 'Flu. It's the first bout I've been afflicted with since 2001 (or thereabouts - who the hell remembers specifics that far back when in the throes of death?). If I had the energy, I'd go dig … Continue reading Well, Because It’s Wednesday, and I Promised