Better than Nothing

Today is Wednesday. It is. In Australia, today is Wednesday. On Wednesday, I write a post and publish it. That’s today.

Sometimes, I don’t need The Daily Post word, sometimes I do. Today, that word is micro, but it doesn’t help me find something to spin off into a post of approximately 400 words. I’m pretty sure a 400-word post isn’t micro.

Why 400 words?

Well, whether this is true or not (and I have no reason to disbelieve it), the bots that run around and grab stuff focus on the larger items first. You guessed it: greater than 400-word clumps.

So, if you write something with less than 400 words, the work gets relegated to something similar to the sludge on the bottom of the grease-trap.

Why is there no story, no quips, no nothing coming at me to get itself writ large down here on the white background? Why? I never have a problem doing this – in fact, it just blurts out.

Today is different. Today is Wednesday. Today I have to talk to someone about how to fix my skeletal structure. Bones. Joints, and the things that help them work. And there’s another of those things I choose to believe because I have no reason to disbelieve:

A human body is always undergoing repair, and every cell is eventually replaced/updated/upgraded. Well, at least replaced. Some do it fast, some slow, some very slow. Bones might be very slow, but I’ve still got time. I have no intention of dying anytime soon, and there are way too many stories to finish (and a few more to start), and then there’s life.

I’m alive, relatively healthy (and don’t tell anyone, but I beat something considered untreatable except by drugs! Yes, I even have the two-decade records to prove it), and not that old (don’t even think it!).

There’s hope for the old fart yet. It’s not that bad. For me, there’s hope and evidence and everything in between. I’ll even step up and make this statement:

In five years time, I’ll be walking every day. Not just little toddles down the street; good walks, up to the dam and back.

In ten years time, I’ll be getting back an x-ray that shows no degradation (or at least, no visible degradation) to my spine (I even said that with a straight face).

Somewhere in the next ten years, the things that work with joints and muscles and bones will improve, be less painful and more effective in their everyday duties, and I will be free to be … better than expected — which is better than nothing, don’t you think?

Ta-dah! >400 words done, now I can go back to procrastinating about whether to send the new mss to a publisher. Or not. And get ready to visit the bone-lady.


12 thoughts on “Better than Nothing

  1. No wonder none of my posts go viral. Most are less than 400 words. A lot of the prompts I respond to are 100 words, 175 words, or 200 words. I guess I’ll have to start being more wordy if I ever want to emerge from the sludge on the bottom of the grease trap. 🤔

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    • Did you like the grease-trap thing? Could you visualise it? All these gluggy little words dribbling along the below the sight of the people who walk above?
      Sorry, just – you know – inspecting the writerly things.

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  2. I don’t pay attention to word counts, because I write for meaning and when I feel that I have adequately conveyed my meaning, then I am done. I am not concerned if my readers remain captivated as I am more interested in my own satisfaction, knowing that I did enough research to write something that is intelligent.

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    • You write a lot more than me; more words, more times per week. I only do twice a week, so I set the minimum to make sure it gets noticed by the bots, and to know I can still get that number of words done in the time I allocate (which isn’t much!). In my stories, it’s a different matter altogether – it will be what it is in order to tell the story the way it needs to be told (I hope) well.

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      • So it is a practice of the skill in the timeframe? 😀 Now that is a real challenge. 😀 About the quality of your stories, they are very well worded and interesting, so you have nothing to worry about that. 😀

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  3. I am trying to escape the bots! They drive me bonkers because it’s like 100 bot hits to one human hit. I like looking at my live traffic to see where the humans are visiting from. Like today I had a visitor from Pefferlaw, Canada. That’s a cool sounding name. Oh wait, I don’t have to worry about the bots. I write senryu and haiku. well occasionally a long-ass essay. But they visit me anyways. 100 to 1 — sounds like bad racing odds. I think I’d be happier with the bots if they brought more people over but honestly I think almost all my human visitors were introduced to me from the various weekly writing prompt circles I join in. When I don’t do them, I usually see a drop in new readers like this week.

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