Not On The Cards – Finally

I’m about to make some noise, so be prepared.

Trumpets blast the audio-waves into your mind, harps twinkle stardust into your eyes — ta-dah! Here it is!

The new story is ready, it’s available, and this is where you find it.



A simple mistake, to fall in love.
Worse, to bear the child in secret.
Worst of all – her baby is stolen!
A mother will do anything, travel all worlds, through times and planes and dimensions, even beyond hell, for her child.
Chiri’s first concern should be the safety of her daughter, but as the Gate-Keeper responsible for the lives of millions, those who are now in grave peril due to her error, she must choose. What will she choose?

To sacrifice the search for her child in order to save her world, or
Abandon her obligations and continue the search for her daughter?


It’s only on Amazon, Kindle Unlimited, so one location only, and for a short time (3 months).

Arcane, Urban Fantasy, Soft Sci-fi (concepts), Melbourne (Australia).


And if you’re one of my usual first readers and you didn’t get an email, let me know if you’d like a copy (epub without cover only, I’m afraid).

An update: I can’t access my right side-bar at the moment, so the categories and such have – whisper – gone! I’ll chase them up and add them as soon as I find where they hid out!



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