Not Today

It was supposed to be published today. Everything is ready. Truly. Even the pics for the covers.

I got all the stuff together, spent (wasted) the equivalent of a whole work day doing the formatting for the paperback version, uploaded and went on to the cover.

It loaded, stopped, error message. Suddenly, the day turned to disaster. Again.

It happens every time. Don’t look at me like that! It does. Every time the story is ready to publish (or published!) there is some type of disaster that … well, you know … turns it to frustration and temper and a total waste of time. This time? Something in the software is refusing to turn my pics into jpegs.

I found that out after about four hours – four hours! – of solid slogging that wasn’t related to writing, or publishing – of working backwards through the errors and issues.

Long story short – for once – Not On The Cards, due to be released today, will await some form of new software that saves my pics as jpegs.

If – and it’s a very big if – you see the pics here from the ones I created, this is what I plan to use as covers. If they display on this site, all may not be lost. If they don’t, the covers may change – because I have a delete, delete, delete crankiness for the stuff that fails me at the last moment.

So, after the little tanty, here’s the pic for the new novel, which was due out today, but will be here sometime over the next week. Do NOT look behind my back at those crossed fingers!

An update (we’ll see what happens, shall we?)


Wow! Thanks Jim – you saved my bacon (and the above was ‘fixed’ with GIMP).


See, corrupted. Deep breath. Go away and do something else. Come back after a nice refreshing pot of mint and sage tea – with honey, of course. Garden. With a sledgehammer. Get calm. Come back. It will work out.

IT WILL, or ….


boof at work

Searching for Answers


9 thoughts on “Not Today

    • That’s what mine used to do. I downloaded Paint and tried to open the work I’d done – not happening. the sw won’t save it in any format but its own. And Paint won’t open that format. I may have to start again from the beginning (cover-wise) but for the moment, I’m letting off a bit of the [swear-word] …

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  1. Garden with a sledgehammer? what kind of garden do you have? Kudos for sticking to it and for publishing a book with pics — a lot of ebooks are sans pics even when the print copy has them.

    And congrats on getting the book done! Kudos to you. I am thinking of collecting my short stories into an ebook too — to me the pics are integral so here’s hoping I can get them in.

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    • Well, the sledgehammer is for stress relief only, nothing else, and unfortunately, there are no internal pics – this was a problem with the covers! I have so much trouble making them, and then the software refuses to save them as jpeg!
      If you do your anthology and use pics, I suggest saving them as .png and ‘importing’ them into the document to ensure they work properly (and use small pics for the e-version).
      good luck!

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