The Soap Box

Remember them? Well, this is the new version. I’m going to do a rant. Why? The Word of the Daily Post is Messy.

It brings to mind all the incredibly senseless rhetoric out there about ‘improving our lives’ while doing nothing about keeping our world clean and sustainable.

We are filthy creatures. We flush our excrement into the oceans and then eat the fish (and other products of the sea) and call it healthy.

We flush our chemicals into the fresh-water rivers and then pump that water to the dams that pipe water into our homes.

We dispose of garbage at a rate that will overflow the planet – or blow it up with the levels of methane it produces – within a foreseeable future.

We dispose of perfectly good food when it doesn’t meet the $ bottom line for production or distribution, or the needs of the market. It makes me sick.

I don’t really care about the words that bring apoplexy to politicians and multi-nationals. I don’t care about the words green-house or climate change or any of the other words used in the fight.

What do you think I care about?

This planet is our home. It’s all we have. Even if we (species, human beings) manage to find a way to get to a new planet, if there is a planet to be found, if, if, if – it won’t be the you and me people, the ordinary people who keep lining the pockets of the uber-rich, getting on those transporters. It won’t, will it?

And that’s why the rant.

The problem doesn’t belong to someone else, somewhere else. It’s on our doorstep, it’s our children and their children who suffer the consequences of this lack of vision and action.

We already have hindsight. Look behind, only a few years or a few hundred, maybe even a couple of thousand. Ask the questions.

After the Romans destroyed [how many?] cultures, how long did it take to recover? Why did we have to go through that? The answer is greed. You know it. Rule the world, be powerful. The Roman empire ended, but their damage is still felt.

After the bomb – you know the one – how long will it take to recover? Why did we go through that? The answer was speed. Destroy the axis of evil so we can go back to work to be great nations (okay, I lied. The answer was greed).

After we run out of oil – it is a finite resource – how long will it take to consider using whales again to ‘top up’? Please don’t think it won’t happen. It will. Why? Because it’s so much quicker and easier than finding a way to do it right. Cheaper, because it’s always a matter of the bottom line. Cheaper and easier than doing the research now to ensure a smooth transition.

I’ve lived an interesting life. Some people might say that was a curse, and in some ways, they’d be right, but … big but … I’ve learned things. To find the best way to do something to save time and money and effort – it takes a lot of work. It does. Trials show ‘it’ will work, but at a cost. Update, amend, alter a piece of the process or procedure. Trial it again. Yes, it’s called something. Scientists do it. All of them.

Do politicians do it? In a sense, but to them the only thing that counts is the numbers, the ratings, the things that get them to the top. Once there, the words become hot air, wind that adds to the problem. Wind with words like money, business, economics, terms of trade. Nothing to do with what the world will be like in two generations. Nothing to do with the real issues, taking the long road to get the right solutions.

We, the people, especially the young of this world, are starting to feel the power. The young ones. They are smart, they are educated, they have communication channels. They have opinions and they want to have a future. Do the current politicians of the world think the young of the world are going to fall for the ‘fake’ words? The other stuff?

Not me. I know these people. I applaud them. One day they will become leaders. Even politicians.

Politicians are the people we (WE) pay to represent our views, to make our world/country accountable. The only way to ensure we don’t get the stooges (another word for puppet – see who stands behind them?) is to get involved, make sure the greed and ease of the bottom line doesn’t contaminate our home, our planet to the point of destruction.

Oh, and you.

Find the best way to do something, even if it takes your whole life. Be a benefit to those whose lives are yet to come.

Be real. Take care of your home. Our home. It’s in your hands.


image from Pixabay.

8 thoughts on “The Soap Box

  1. Good post and an excellent rant! As for the Romans….they were destroyed by the Goths. What goes around comes around. Every Empire eventually falls. I’m with you on supporting the youth. I applaud their courage to RESIST! Thanks for this post Cage Dunn.

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  2. Climate change is a hoax. God will protect the environment. Evolution is a myth. Greenhouse gases are good for the planet. “Clean coal” is the future of energy. Religion is good. Men should control women’s health, healthcare is a privilege for the wealthy. Greed is good. The poor are lazy. The white race is superior. Thoughts and prayers work. Assault weapons are a God-given right. God bless America and screw all the other shithole countries.

    This is the gospel according to Donald Trump, his cabinet, and the Republican-controlled US Congress. Unless we get rid of all of them, our way of life and our planet will be destroyed.

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