Yes, I tried it, and guess what?

the Story Reading Ape Blog noticed it too.

Gremlins in the system.

And you got two posts about the same thing, so here is something different, and it won’t be reblogged, but if there’s anyone who wants to FB the Smorgasbord post, or this one, be my guest.

I knew I was a storyteller ….

When I was a child
A very young child
I had many siblings
Some were afraid of the dark
Some liked to listen to the dreams of far, far away
All liked to know
Someone was there
To make the darkness into light
Make the monsters be friendly
Give them dreams of a tomorrow
Where they could be wise
Or wealthy
Or famous
I would tell them the stories
Make them up
Take other people’s stories
Make them our own
Whisper them quietly
Speak them loudly
Sing them badly
I did not write these stories down
But I was the storyteller
And they will all tell you
The story
Of their own word weaver.

And I hope the reblog feature returns one day … soon.



The Writer Hard at Work



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