There are Good Guys Out There

It’s true. There’s always a story about a good guy pulling out the right attitude to save the day. Stories abound. I confess to not seeing them, or not reading them, or sometimes not even believing them.

What is it about the movement of my time through this life that’s changed the way I respond to these things? I used to be nice. I used to believe. I used to do the right thing. I think.

Is it the life I had with so many foster kids? Or the foster animals that would’ve been put down purely for the lack of social skills? Is it the many more stories of cons and scams and – the worst of all – the powers that be who deem all below their rank and power and privilege to be irrelevant?

See? Cynicism at its worst. How can a person continue to trust, to have faith in their fellow human beings, to be willing to put in more than they get when what they see, feel, get is not done in the interests of the whole, of no benefit to any but the One Who Speaks Loudest and from the Highest Chair in the Land. Might beats Right.

And fancy saying these things at this time of year.

Yes, it’s that time of year. Forgiveness and all that. I suck in a breath and look sideways to see if anyone’s looking as I think this through. Forgiveness. It should have a question mark. Forgiveness? That’s better.

Will I ever forgive the person who tried to drown me when I was a kid? Nope. Simple answer to that one.

Will I ever forgive the ——– who sexually abused me? Nope. Another simple answer.

Will I ever forgive the person or people who abused, neglected and abandoned the ones who came into my care? Nope. Never. It was their responsibility to do the best they could to leave them with the skills to become contributing members of their society. No forgiveness for those who practice cruelty as if it were a gift of enlightenment.

Will I forgive the man who enables other (usually) men to abuse, degrade and humiliate women, children, dark-haired, brown-eyed, accent-voiced people who are not the same as him, and don’t follow his religion? No. Not ever. I will never forgive those who continue to exhort his values either. Never.

I am lacking in the willingness to forgive tyrants and harbingers of evil.

I need to read more stories of the good guys.

Please, I beg you, send me those stories. I need to see more of them. To find the two examples in the first para, I scrolled through 14 pages (yes, pages with ten or more stories on each page) of the other stuff.

It’s time we started to spread the word about the good guys.

Something like this place.

And what would I have done without this guy? He saved me from the depths of [that place].


Slim big yawn

Slim, named for his voice (see Slim Dusty), Writer in Residence; One of the rescued – too old to be retrained as a house cat, apparently.


that’s my end of year post – 2017 wasn’t a good year – and I promise much more light in the next twelve months. Unless …


32 thoughts on “There are Good Guys Out There

  1. The next feel good story I see is definitely going to find a way to your eyes. At least you recognize and are honest with yourself on what you need to ring in the new year happily. Sometimes I feel like that’s the true battle… at least with myself!

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  2. Thanks for sahring in such a powerful and vulnerable way. Wow. It’s a wonder you’re still standing, yet a testimony to your inner self that you are stronger than all that accumulated negativity and the suffering. Also, I’m really not fooled by the cynic bit, a true cynic (as per the Greek) means one who questions, which is true of you, but you are far from the modern meaning of one who negativitely negates everything. Your writing is testimony to that. I really hope 18 is a good on for you, best wishes and blessings.

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  3. Great post. I think forgiveness is a gift that’s should not necessarily be given. Sometimes it just isn’t deserved especially when not asked for. Next year might not be better, who knows, but hope n joy n laughter n love and wonderful people and things remain

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  4. Wow thank you for sharing this with us. Forgiving the ones who abused us is not easy. Someone very close to me was abused as a kid and forgiving the abusers can be freeing but it is very difficult! If you need stories with good guys, giving you hope in human being I suggest reading Amy harmon’s stories. I hope one day you’ll feel better. You’ll never forget, how could you but I do hope that it will become more bearable.

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    • Thanks – It just seems to hit me at a certain time of year because I don’t do the family thing anymore, and there seems to have been too many bad things happening over the last year or so. It’s not just me. A young mum with three kids diagnosed with melanoma was the latest punch to the solar plexis. Every little hurt widens the wound, and sometimes it helps to try to find the other things, the good things, but this year there weren’t enough.


  5. Cynicism is a side effect of life. You can and should embrace it now and then, while holding onto the knowledge that nature abhors a vacuum. Think about that next time a brainless twat tweets words devoid of depth or cognizance. At some point the most vapid is doomed to implode. Just stand back so you don’t get splashed with the juices, because they’re bound to stink to high heaven.

    Can I pass along a sweet recollection of meeting a good guy after convincing myself they were extinct? I don’t know if it qualifies for your search for positivity, but it represented an answer to a search I didn’t know I was conducting.

    When I first met my other half, he was in a situation of escalating danger. At minimum it was unhealthy; at worst, remaining would have been deadly. We’d met and talked online, and I initially dismissed him as “boring”. Then my brain engaged and I realized he was erudite and sophisticated, multi-lingual and intelligent. In a real sense, he was everything I’d been looking for but was too dense to see. So when his living conditions became truly intolerable (and I had evidence of it from outside sources), I drove over 120 miles one-way, after work, to pick him up and bring him to stay with me. Against the advice of friends, mind you. They worried he might be an axe murderer; or worse, a politician!

    I saw a skinny, terrified man standing by the side of the road, next to a dirty mop… er, scruffy-haired creature of indeterminate species. Trust me, the dirty mop reference wasn’t an exaggeration. The only way I realize it wasn’t a mop was that it moved, and was attached to the aforementioned leash.

    Upon closer inspection, the mop barked, which answered at least one question.

    My roommate-in-the-making hadn’t eaten that day, so our first big “date” was a quick stop at KFC before driving 100 miles back to my place. My companion set aside a bite for the pup before he took a single bite for himself. There was critter food, by the way, among the things we loaded into my car for him. The mop was eating regularly. He also bowed his head and prayed – and NOT in a gesture of superiority or braggadocio, but silent, wordless appreciation. He thanked me verbally, of course, but it was those tacit details together which conveyed kindness, gentleness, genuine humility, and respect,

    We’ve been together for 12 years as of today, and he’s my best friend. He shares a sly sense of humor, but hasn’t got a vicious streak in his body. He’s the only grandfather my grandchildren know – my kids’ dad died in his 30’s, the indirect result of a lifetime of atrocious choices. And the grands adore him, as I do. My adult children finally get an example of a man with principles and pride, but not a pride that stomps on others to achieve his goals.

    I was talking to a friend who bemoaned the lack of this kind of man in the world today; and I reminded her that they do indeed exist. Sometimes we have to open our eyes. Other times, we have to be a bit more proactive. But the kind man, the gentle man, the intelligent and funny man with a sense of humor – he’s not a myth. And if you can’t find him, you can raise your son and your grandsons to BE him.

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  6. Not for public consumption, but for the blog owner. I do understand concepts like grammar and punctuation, the aforementioned verbal spew notwithstanding. Unfortunately I don’t have the capacity to edit my comments herein. My apologies for offending any grammarian tendencies.

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    • After looking at your ‘things’ maybe you’d like to be a reader for my next novel? No obligations.
      title: Not on The Cards (subject to change).
      Blurb: Storyline: the mad Tarot reader tells all she waits for her daughter. There is no daughter. But if you want your cards read, and read with the sting of truth, she is the one to see. Her cards are not the usual cards of the Tarot, these cards call you in like a siren calls prey, they show you the whole story whether you want it or not, and when Chiri looks you in the eye to tell you your path, you’d best take it. If you ever see the other side of the cards, if you ignore the message, what you get is the forever of greyness, the void between the slivers, where there are no doors to give you passage home.
      All Chiri wants is to find her daughter, but to do that she needs to find the key to the gate under the conjunction of the fifth tetrahedral cell.
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  7. Totally agree with you. I had this same idea and I started with my husband and posted my thoughts on Instagram with his photo. You’ve inspired me to share it on my blog. This is something I would love to write about before the month is over. Great job. ❤

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