There are Good Guys Out There

It's true. There's always a story about a good guy pulling out the right attitude to save the day. Stories abound. I confess to not seeing them, or not reading them, or sometimes not even believing them. What is it about the movement of my time through this life that's changed the way I respond … Continue reading There are Good Guys Out There


A Review

The most important thing to learn is this: mastery of any craft only comes after the (who said this?) 10,000 hours of practical effort under the guidance of those who know and have mastered the skill. What it means is we learn from experience, from the doing of something while taking advice from those we … Continue reading A Review

A Sales Pitch

I know, I know - I hate when people do this, but there ya go. At least I don't do them often (barely at all, really). Here goes: Smashwords is having a Christmas Sale and I've reduced three of my books to half-price (Smashwords only, and therefore, only the ebooks). This is me and my … Continue reading A Sales Pitch


It’s All Coming Back …

In a physical sense. I'm back. There's two-inch thick dust on the surfaces (because I didn't cover them!); there's an almost-dead garden (I didn't arrange for anyone to water and it's been HOT!); there's not enough time before Christmas to do everything that needs doing! It's Nan's fault. Yes, I know. She's a nonagenarian. I shouldn't … Continue reading It’s All Coming Back …


A Story

I'm still away for a few more days, so here's a story about a different journey (sci-fi). Purpose Journey! As if there was a defined destination, as if there was a chance of returning. Journey, be damned. Exile. And now the last stage: execution, dismissal. If one thing remained, it was the capacity for revenge. … Continue reading A Story


A Short Break to Visit the Hill

It seems so appropriate for the Daily Post word to be gorge. That's where I'm going. Somewhere in the Gawler Ranges, to a little house that sits atop a small gorge, apparently. Somewhere near Wudinna on the Eyre Peninsular. Never been there before, but love to see these places. Love to walk them. Sorry, need … Continue reading A Short Break to Visit the Hill


A Journey

The Word in the Daily Post is Relocate. I wrote a tome about that word, about the number of times I've moved. Wrote it all out, let emotions spill onto the page, let myself look in the mirror to see what and who was there. It was too much. I deleted it. It took me … Continue reading A Journey


An Open Letter to Netgalley and Goodreads

A reblog: there’s also this one:

And don’t forget, authors/publishers PAY to place items in NetGalley, so …



Dear Netgalley and Goodreads, 

Today I discovered that your sites will no longer be providing services (or limiting services) to international readers and I am absolutely devastated.

Contrary to popular belief, America is not the only country in the world.

For those who are unaware of what is happening, Goodreads will, from January 2018, prevent authors from creating giveaways for international readers. Basically, authors will have to pay $119 for a giveaway base package, and $599 for the premium. Previously, all authors had to pay for was shipping. Read more here.

Netgalley, on the other hand, has severely limited the amount of…

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The Inevitable Age

The Daily Post dared to put the word Age as the word of the day. Age - as if it isn't on everyone's mind anyway. The young try so hard to be older; the older try so hard to be 'the perfect age' for the group (that means young or beautiful or both, even if … Continue reading The Inevitable Age