Allegory – what’s that?!

From Google (of course):Β a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

That’s an allegory. That’s what the new novel is: Fantasy-allegory along the lines of Animal Farm, but contemporary. And even though I know it’s not going to be the cup-o-tea for many people, it was what happened, and it is what it is (the link on the title below takes you to my Books/Stories! page, not a sales page).

Who Will Rule Magic? Kraken, Dragon, Cat vs. Kangaroo, Cockatoo, Crocodile

is finished and published and in paperback.

My aim at the beginning of November (NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, see here) was to: (1) write at least 50k words (with the incentive being to get Scrivener at 50% off) – DONE!; (2) Start at go (nothing in hand, no plan, no idea) and end with a product – DONE!; (3) review, revise, rewrite (as required) and proofread – DONE!, and finally (4) to get it out there and published as a finished product IN ONE MONTH – you guessed it – DONE!

Today is 25 November 2017 (in Australia), and the paperback (always the last thing) was completed yesterday. There you have it – a novel (yes, a short novel) in less than 28 days (4 weeks, rather than one month, because months are variable in length).

Okay, I may have had the idea for the original story in BS form (that’s Beat Sheet, mate, so watch your thoughts!), but was told it was so cliche that everyone would figure it out without even thinking about it. And even though I hadn’t actually decided more than to use the ‘idea’ of what would follow from that BS (hold that thought – it’s still beat sheet and does not refer to the comments made about it!), it came out in a torrent.

I wrote in two sessions each day and reached the 50k goal on day 9. Of course, probably 50% of that was notes, research, potential research ideas, etc. And I wasn’t anywhere near finished!

It wasn’t until I was at day 14 that I found the best way to get the ‘deal done’ for the finale. It was an ‘aha’ moment, and totally relevant to the genre/theme.

As for the proofreading and oversight editing – I’ll have to wait and see, because there’s always something (damn and blast it! – yes, found two already, but minor, so …).

There are issues with how to ‘slot’ the story into the various publishing locations and Bisac codes, but I did the best I could (what is Animal Farm under? – used those).

So, fair warning – allegory = political, and I’m clutching at straws to find a way to warn you. Fantasy, yes, but strongly political allegory – and you are warned.


test back 3

The back page of the paperback version – just wait a day or two to see it added to the list.



16 thoughts on “Allegory – what’s that?!

  1. It must be a hell of a week to write the 50 000 words. At this point, I don’t know should I encourage that or tell you to slow down. Anyways, if it doesn’t do you any harm, keep doing it. πŸ˜€ Thanks for a brief report on your current writing progress. πŸ˜€

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    • Not a hard week, because I sat down to two sessions a day and produced 9k on the first day – a good leap ahead. And because I used to do a lot of writing (in my previous working life), I know it can be done. Not having a plan to start with – that’s scary!
      I just wanted to see if I could do it, and I learned that if I try to do that every month, or even every second month – I’m a dead duck (allegorically speaking, of course).
      But I am on the slow-down (a bit).

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    • I think that’s why I panic without a plan (even though I change it at each major milestone). I seem to need a bit of a mud-map, or I get lost looking off to the view in the distance.
      But I’m happy I’ve done it, and never have to force it to happen again. I know now, and with that knowledge … no limits!


    • I’m a-dancing aroun’ in my head – an’ singing and dancing and woopy-de-doo-ing!
      And then I sit down and start all over again …
      I don’t know who said it, but it goes as follows:
      Advice to a writer:
      Write a book; once it’s finished, write another five; if you don’t get what you expect from it (ad-libbing a bit), write another five; if at the end …. etc. do it again.
      That’s what I’m doing – ‘it’ again. ad infinitum, until the stories run out, or dry up, or I die.

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    • Well, you can tell me if it was all worth it, if it makes sense, when you’ve finished reading it. And if it happens to be shite, I’d appreciate knowing that, too! (And I don’t bit people who tell me hard truths (I just turn them into a character in a story – the one who gets [ you know ]).) Lauging Out Loud!!

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      • That is incredibly generous of you, thank you! Unfortunately I don’t have any kind of e-reader, so your offer would be wasted on me. (I like to think of myself as a luddite, but actually I’m just retarded.) However I popped over to your Amazon author page and saw a number of your titles I’d like to read, so after Chri$tmas when I have some cash saved up again I’ll be ordering a paperback copy or two. Tough to decide which one first though – they all look great!

        Thanks again πŸ™‚

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      • There are fewer than you think, but for recommendations: Agoness has two reviews, and they both liked the battle scenes (see the books/titles page on my site – has links to the reviewers).
        I also don’t have an e-reader, I use the adobe digital editions and read directly from computer – not the best, but short bursts are okay, so if you change your mind … once again, no obligation.

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