The Madness that Befalls a NaNoWriMo Winner!

Yep. Got the official badge today, 20 November 2017. Winner. Wanna see?

Here ’tis:


Of course, I can’t get at the goodies I want yet – have to wait ’til 1 Dec (oh, no! I want it now!).

So, what to do after all the bally-hoo?

Well, I think I may have promised to get the NaNo story out to a reader – this week! I had a moment of panic last night (it’s not an unusual thing, but …), and this morning I sat down to go through all my notes again – and made some slight changes to the outline (or is it a [what are those other things called?] – this is what is referred to as ‘writer-brain-moments’ that happen when … well, you know) and I’m still happy with 75% of the story. Except it may still be a bit slow in the opening – no, not now – later – and the middle is okay, sort of – it could use some – no, later – but the finale, the final show-down! That needs a bit of work, so I dug through the library (at 0-dark hundred or sparrow-fart or whatever the term is for middle of the night except the bloody birds are singing) to find some seminal works (non-fiction) that I may be able to apply to the final show-down situation (no, I’m not going to hint – you have to wait!).

I will have it finished this week. I want to publish it this Thursday (crikey, that’s a bit soon, don’t you think?), Friday at the latest, and then you’ll know. How will you know? Because I’ll post it here, of course, just for you.

And because I have to wait ’til 1 Dec for the prize I really, really want, once this one is out there in the world, I might just start on the Country town Ghost story (The Valki of Three Salt Springs) so I can get it out by [dare I say this?] Christmas (New Year, think new year, or just prior).

Methinks I’d better get back to work now. Rapido. Quick. Vit. Immediately. Right bloody now!

Oh, and if you want to be on the list to do a review of either, let me know (spots have filled pre-completion and there’s only two left now).

Good luck with your endeavours, and with some luck, I’ll see you on Thursday, Friday, or via email with the new output. Just don’t expect me to make any sense this week, maybe not even next week, but the week after? No, forget it – I’ll be writing another story (and so on, ad infinitum).



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