And now for the Count!!

the count

Okay, it looks good, and I will finish the month with a ‘win’ whichever way I look at it. I know now I can do the words required in the time set, but what do I really want?

The goal, for me, is to start with an idea, turn it into a ‘plan’ (those buggers always change a couple of times during the writing), and write up a first draft in a couple of weeks. Then, use the next two weeks to clean up, polish, review, revise and edit.

Then, when I’m happy with the shape and content and context, I do a grammar and spell and layout check.

That’s always the final step (well, except for beta readers).

My goal/test/question: Can I take a story from idea to plan to draft to finished product within a four week period?

I’ll let you know (but I am on track).

Notice I said four weeks and not one month? Well, that’s because there are two extra weeks in a year, so that could mean 13 mss (or drafts of mss).

If you can’t read the number up there, this is it: 41,242 (on day 7). I’ve maintained an average output of between 5-6 k words per day (closer to 5), and the main structure and points are well defined. I’m happy enough with it as it is at this stage of its life.

Now, I go back to work instead of being distracted by the ‘holy moly’ moment when I realised how close that goal/test/question is to being solidly answered in the affirmative (MC wins!).

So, Ciao! See you next week.



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