Update: NaNoWriMo Fight, Flight, Freeze

This is the Freeze moment.

The ‘out of the blocks’ momentum was good, the daily sprints were good (because there were more than one in a day, so it’s easier), and the expected count of 25k by the end of a week was accomplished (early!!).

And now? Well, the whole kit and kaboodle is out there, waiting on the line of story, to see what happens. Of course, it’s missing the important stuff like setting and [what’s that other stuff? Have to look it up when I can think of it] then there’s the review of ‘what works and what doesn’t?’ moment. That’s now. The Freeze moment.

I need to do a re-read. I need to check that the things I need to put up front are mentioned – in the story, and not just in the notes – and that there’s a momentum that leads up to ‘specific’ elements of the story. And to get rid of, or overplay, the cliche moments into the [ things they’re meant to be ].

I feel the need to stop and review and revise – I’m not proofreading, not grammar-checking. It’s not that I don’t care about these things – just not now! The story is too important – and story is this:

A Character (the reader connects with in a close and visceral manner) in Conflict (I think I have that bit, but …) who Struggles (the plot and journey) towards Resolution (will they win, lose, or draw?).

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that simple structural element to story. A character in conflict who struggles towards a resolution.

It’s too easy to get carried away with ‘this bright idea’ or ‘that intriguing thing’ or ‘what if’ moments.

I have to stop and recall the simplicity of story and play to that, and not my wild ideas (of course, there are going to be wild ideas, but they may not belong in this story, at this time, etc., etc.).

So, the story: The Council of Creatures of Magic is falling apart. Air and Water are no longer represented. Earth has cheated and manipulated until this stage was reached – so he can make himself Overlord of All Magic.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Animal Farm … what genre was that? [See, another distraction!]

Back to where I was – where was that? Oh, here! Yes. I’ve written the bones, the skeleton, except for the ‘final showdown’ mid-way through Act 3. There are bones there for that, but I want to leave it for a few days so I can make it ‘same, but different’ and give it just a touch more power and presence. I want MORE!

So, there I go, back to the grind – using the Freeze moment of Fear to Review and Revise (but not Edit).

And that’s how I fool myself into moving forward, again and again and again. Until ‘The End’ and sometimes, beyond.



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