NaNoWriMo 2017 Project

Tomorrow is 1 Nov (at least in this part of the world) so I will be head-down and bum-up doing the NaNo project.  Details are a bit sketchy at the moment, but that’ll change as it goes on. So, here goes with the initiating idea:

Kraken, Dragon, Cat aka Kangaroo, Cockatoo, Crocodile
Who will be the Overlord of Magic?

The previous council and the tests of skill that forced Kraken against Dragon and Dragon against Cat – that was millennia ago. Now the time has come for the other creatures to ‘volunteer’ – one from Air, one from Earth, one from Water – but will they? Or will they let Magic fade from the Earth forever?

POV chars:
Croc (a crocodile; she’s maternal, got eggs ready to lay, and she’s the calming influence – just imagine the look she’d give you if you annoyed her – and she has no sense of humour).
Roo (a kangaroo; he’s arrogant, a bully-boy who fronts up to any fight, and has a sneering attitude).
Cocky (A cockatoo [black? sulphur-crested? yet to decide]; he’s loud, gregarious, talks too much, never takes life seriously, likes a bit of fun).

The Obstacles: Cat, of course; being volunteered (reps of the host country, after all); the puzzle (impossible to solve or to find the keys – ‘cos no remaining representatives to explain the cultural meaning behind the puzzle); selfish ambitions and reasons; have to learn to take responsibility for consequences – and share both the burdens and the work required to ensure the future.

The Conflict: What Cat does to stop them; Cat’s allies; the beaten attitude of Kraken and Dragon; the long-term strategy of manipulation.

The Knockout: [ you have to imagine this, ‘cos I’m not telling you how I envision this ending – not yet ].

The basic outline of the story progression (first part):

  1. Goal (croc) – get the meeting over with and get down the pub. Conflict – isn’t it supposed to be a simple extension, nothing more than signing off to keep the status quo? But croc makes them shut up to listen to Kraken – he’s abdicating! He’s their rep (water) – who’s going to speak for the water creatures? It’s not right! Disaster – the abdication is approved.
  2. Goal (cocky) – get down to the pub and party! Conflict – that bloody croc worries too much about things she can’t do anything about. Disaster – Dragon resignation accepted! What about all the shekels she got to ensure she stayed? Now air is unrepresented.
  3. Goal (roo) – get out of this obligation as quick as possible – beer o’clock! Isn’t that what these things are all about? Conflict – his 2 companions are taking this all a bit seriously; Kraken and Dragon have been failing in their duty for millennia, so what’s new? Disaster – the rebuke from Cat, who feels the world owes him – all the extra work taken on due to the lack of effort by Kraken and Dragon. He could choose to resign as well, but only if the Council can find suitable replacements for all 3 zones (air, water, earth), but if not, he will be compelled to take on the role of Overlord of ALL magic.

And there you have the beginning of a political intrigue of child-like proportions (so, exactly like real politics!).

first try cover kraken v0.2

If you’re doing NaNo, good luck, and I’ll see you out the other side, well-worded and well-worn.

And I’ll be doing short excerpts of pieces of the project as posts, so stay tuned.


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