Orangutans and Cow-Pats

Which have absolutely nothing to do with what I’m doing now. It is nothing to do with what I need to do. It is nothing – nothing – nothing to do with how I feel about spending so much time and effort learning a new program (software), and then finding it FAILS me at critical moments during the set-up stage.

Rude words and bloody hell! Lots of rude words!

No, patience. Try it again – surely it can’t happen again.

It does. And again. And again. Blip is not responding. Create a new project, ‘cos maybe I was doing it wrong – follow the manual – step by step – this then that, then this then that – Blip is not responding.

I have a few days to learn this thing, to practice, because it looked like a good thing. To be able to put all your bits and pieces in easily accessible locations WHILE YOU WORK and not have to stop to scrabble through bits of paper.

Three days. Wasted days now, because I won’t be making the attempt again (okay, maybe one more try, but not today – tomorrow, when the spleen is less enraged).

Those three days where I could have been trimming the citrus – orange, two mandarin, lemon and lime – because this is the time to reduce the leaf count, pull off the little regrowths around the bole (and I enjoy the fruit that comes in late winter/spring next year). And now?

Now I have one day to do the trees, and one day to do the Spring Cleaning and one day to prepare – body, mind and soul – for NaNoWriMo.

Oh, you want to know about the story?

Well, it’s a silly story, a bit of fun, nothing like I normally do at all, but I’ll give you the gist of it (but keep it on the quiet, okay – I said I wasn’t planning prior to the write, but this stuff – so far – is all in my head):

Kraken, Dragon, Cat   aka   Kangaroo, Cockatoo, Crocodile – that’s the working title, btw.

First, you should know this: I created a beat sheet based on one of my (hundreds) of ‘little’ ideas, and one of them was Kraken, Dragon, Cat – who will be the overlord of Magic? blurb:

Title: The Overlord of Magic is: Kraken, Dragon, or Cat?
Initial Idea: Arguments: who should rule the world of magic? Who has the greatest magic of all? Who has the most power? How to set up a test to determine who wins this battle of supremacy? Will it be the Kraken (to represent all creatures of the water); or the Dragon (to represent all the creatures of the air), or will it be the Cat (to represent all the creatures of the land)?
Kraken – huge, horrible! Dragon – wings stronger than steel, magic to overwhelm a weaker mind, the ability to slash and burn and destroy. Cat – sharp claws, piteous yowl, warm purr. Cats inveigle into the heart, and when the tiny, innocent little cat is threatened, an ordinary person … [ not telling you the rest of that ].

Response: Cliche. So, how to make it original? And this is where this story starts.

The New version:
Who will rule magic?
The previous council and the tests of skill that forced Kraken against Dragon and Dragon against Cat – that was centuries ago. Now, the time has come for the other creatures to ‘volunteer’ – one from air, one from earth, one from water – but will they? Or will magic fade from the Earth forever?

The basic outline of the story progression (first part):

  1. Goal (croc) – get the meeting over with and get down the pub. Conflict – isn’t it supposed to be a simple extension, nothing more than signing off to keep the status quo? But croc makes them shut up to listen to Kraken – he’s abdicating! He’s their rep (water) – who’s going to speak for the water creatures? It’s not right! Disaster – the abdication is approved.
  2. Goal (cocky) – get down to the pub and party! Conflict – that bloody croc worries too much about things she can’t do anything about. Disaster – Dragon resignation accepted! What about all the shekels she got to ensure she stayed? Now air is unrepresented.
  3. Goal (roo) – get out of this obligation as quick as possible – beer o’clock! Isn’t that what these things are all about? Conflict – his 2 companions are taking this all a bit seriously; Kraken and Dragon have been failing in their duty for millennia, so what’s new? Disaster – the rebuke from Cat, who feels the world owes him – all the extra work taken on due to the lack of effort by Kraken and Dragon. He could choose to resign as well, but only if the Council can find suitable replacements for all 3 zones (air, water, earth), but if not, he will be compelled to take on the role of Overlord of ALL magic.

And there you have the beginning of a political intrigue of child-like proportions (so, exactly like real politics!), and even if you think you can guess where it’s going – guess again! Because at this stage, even I don’t know (exactly).

And thanks to the failure of the new software, I’ll probably be doing the main writing task on the old (and unstable) software I’ve always used, because at least I know its quirks and how to get around them in a hurry.

Oh, the important bit? The posts during November (aka NaNoWriMo) will be excerpts from the ongoing project, and probably on Saturday and Monday (or Thursday), and I may not be reading as many of my follows as I would like.

It’s not that I think I can’t write 50k in a month, but I’d like them to be good words, in a good story, and well told – and that takes more than a word count. My aim: A good story, well told, and ready to do a final edit at the end of the month (YA, or should it be politics?).

See you then!



10 thoughts on “Orangutans and Cow-Pats

  1. Ha! Didn’t go back to sleep – started working on some more prep – based around my #dialogueforaplay if you are interested. A play written in tweets very quickly and with no pre-planning – it worked quite well and now I am to expand upon it – Yay! To NaNoWriMo! G:)

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