Ready to Rumble

Um, oops, that was supposed to be ‘Release’ – It’s almost ready to release! The story, that is, not the beast within. Stuck with that one.

I’ve been doing the final editing. Finished the big picture stuff, the flow-lines, the through-lines, the story-lines. Done the character (needs some polish there, but I’ll think her through tomorrow – and that final moment of clarity might need some more daylight, but …). Done the dirty work, and written ‘the end’ – but of course, it’s not the end, is it?

I can’t do what some people do – read it aloud (voice doesn’t work too well, and croaks don’t sound like words), so I’ve come up with something different for the proofreading stage.

I create a ‘book’ that looks completely different to the word processing software. Either an e-pub or a pdf where I can view 2 or 3 pages on one screen. Change the way the words look, font and size and (maybe) colour, and even make it justified for the purpose of ‘difference’. Then I read it as if it were an e-book by someone else.

I may have to leave it for a day or two, go and do some more work on one of the WIP MSS that await a stern (or soft) eye. But when I return, it will be different enough that I can read it electronically (no access to printer at the moment) and ‘see’ it more clearly.

How did I figure this out?

Well, it was only recently. I did it for someone else, and usually what I would do is read it aloud. But tonsilitis and tiredness did not bode well for the purpose, so I ‘recreated’ it to be different to how the things I normally read ‘look’. Guess what happened? I saw the bloopers clear as day.

True – it was someone else’s work, but then I tried it on mine and you guessed it! Because it’s so different to the ‘usual’ it made things so much more clear. The little errors jumped out like blood blisters. Big errors created tsunami’s! It was wonderful, clear, bright – and I got the work done quick as a flash. Well, maybe not that quick, but faster than usual, and a lot faster than the print-out process.

I’m going to try it for Equine Neophyte of the Blood Desert – which I hope to have published before end October, so, if it fails, I won’t be telling, but if it works, I’ll let you know.

Stay tuned!

black horse red bgrnd -2


8 thoughts on “Ready to Rumble

    • I”m also a little deaf. Well, okay – totally deaf on the left and tone deaf on the right – I’d love to do that but am afraid that the way I ‘hear’ it may turn me off the story altogether (a childish fear, but …). I wish for a world where the medical advances include the things to stop my body aging, my hearing from fading, my eyes from …


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