Take Two: A Re-Launch

The blow to my gut was seeing how unprofessional the story looked – and that I hadn’t done that last-minute, last-gasp final check. Oh, I did look – quick and dirty, apparently, because I missed the critical elements that blew it wide open.

That hard-drive error – that’s the problem. No. That’s what I blame, but the problem belongs to me.

I’ve fixed it. Replaced the published versions with what should have been there.

Still, I feel the burn of shame that I let it get out there without its proper clothing, without meeting the ‘code of honour’ of being complete and professional.

How many times do I kick myself? How many people are never going to read stories by that person (me) ever again?


So, if you bought a copy and cringed at the mistakes, the lack of proofreading, I have an excuse. But that’s all it is – an excuse. If I was employed by [anyone!] and I let that pass because I was tired or trusted someone else (or even myself because I checked it last night, didn’t I?) or did any of those things that try to lay blame or misdirect the fault – I’d probably sack that person; if I was that person, I’d expect to be reprimanded (or sacked), and ‘FIX IT’ would be the words tarred on my forehead.

Well, it’s fixed. Please don’t notice that both hands are behind my back, and crossed at fingers and thumbs and elbows, that my legs are crossed, and I use my chin to touch a nice bit of wood. Please don’t notice that.

I promise – hand over heart – never to do it again. [I wonder if my parents ever believed it when I said that? Did I ever believe my fosters when they said that?]

Apology over.

Back to work. The main tool of my work is back and on my desk and I don’t have to borrow time on the other person’s machine (there’s a few happy dances and cheers here!). I don’t have a laptop, or a fancy phone, or any other type of technology apart from a white-board (called the story board) and pens, paper and paints (not for pictures, for difference character placements using their colour).

That’s what I did for a few days, and guess what?

The enforced removal of my butt from the chair [the one I’m plonked on now] was a bonus. I’ve worked through all the ‘issues’ from two other stories and planned them out. Of course, it’s going to take some time to transpose those thoughts and directions and plans into the various documents [back up before and after each session – should I also do a backup in the middle of a session?] but that will be sometime soon.

As soon as each and every update goes through its painful process of restarting the machine – again and again and again [do I have any download left for this? Tight! When does it renew? Two weeks! Will I last that long?].

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

And once again, I apologise for my unprofessional lapse with the story.


Launch! ‘Cos it wouldn’t go in the header!

boof at work

Let’s Get This Cleaned Up, Shall We?




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