A State of Pace

Remember the last post? The disaster of computer proportions? Yep, that one. Still waiting to get back to work, so what do I do (‘cos a writer can’t do … the ‘not’ writing thing)?

I put an idea in my head and fiddle with it. I Walk the circle of the house (some people call it pacing; I call it focus).

I did the Spring cleaning (southern hemisphere; it’s Spring). Tidied up all my messy box things full of bits of paper. I’ve polished my desk.

As a person with afur-itis (I absolutely refuse to say the word in a way that gives it power over my life!), I have to do these things carefully, judiciously.

Crap! Where is my computer? I want it back.

I could get a laptop, I suppose, and not pay for the fix. But the laptop doesn’t give me the space I need in my work area.

And I’ve discovered I’m very set in my ways – the right chair, the right size screen, the right keyboard, the right everything.

I can afford one, but not both. I can’t pay for the fix and get a laptop. Out of work, over a certain age and in South Australia – unlikely to find paid employment unless I move to another state. Except Queensland. Or Western Australia. Or Northern Territory. Or Tasmania. Only leaves three places: ACT – snows there, and it’s all public service jobs; New South Wales – they have trapdoor spiders of the worst kind, and very expensive; and Victoria. I lived in Victoria for many years, bought a farm there, lived by the beach; at various times had a couple of businesses that did well; now, it’s too expensive. I’d have to live on the borderlands of the state, and the jobs aren’t there. The jobs are only in the city.

So, back from that rant.

What now?

I checked (using a computer that doesn’t belong to me and is limited in the time I have access – like when they’re shopping, or walking the dog, or in the shower – not enough time to actually WRITE!) the errors in my novel (you know, Agoness), and found that all the proofreading that was done in the last few hours of final editing were – you guessed it – gone.

The hard drive error has a lifo strategy (that’s last in first out), so the last things we did were the first things gone. Closest to the start-up pin, I suppose. The best news is that the errors appear to be only in the first quarter of the story (you know, the bit available on ‘review’ on the sales sites).

Have I mentioned before how much I hate the reliance on these machines?


And I’d fix it if I could, but I have to wait until I get my computer back. It’s not just one document. It’s three, all in different formats. It’ll take time. Time to reinstall all the software, then reinstate the files and folders from the backup, to double-check what else is missing or violated (it’s a good word for how I feel about a machine damaging my work).

And then I can …

Whoops! Times up! I’ll be back when I have the machine attached to my lobes again.

In the meantime, please forgive me my sins, and I promise to fix things as soon as I can.



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