Published last night, after a mighty effort, Agoness:

Agoness-e-cover-v-02-largerA01The rules of kingship have been lost with lack of care and the passing of time, but when the Prince retaliates against the Daughter of the Holy when she refuses to marry him, and ensures she is sentenced to death by pyre for refusing him so publicly, the old ways reawaken, and the people remember and enforce the word of rule.
Landis must ensure the Daughter of the Father Holy lives. Not an easy task when she speaks up in the wrong places at the wrong times and says the wrong things to annoy the wrong people.

When the laws of the land have languished and staled into cruelty, Landis, RSM, an ordinary soldier, is given the task to ensure the Daughter of the Father Holy, brought forth to renew the Faith of the Scriptures, lives despite the sentence of Death by Pyre. Can he succeed against an arrogant Prince and an evil Queen?


Is that cheating? I’m so tired now that I’m not sure if it’s appropriate, but here it is – complete and even with a cover. Sales have happened already, even though it’s only been up there a short time (should I do a final, last-minute check?)

Anyway, have a look. If you read it and find those pesky little gremlins and things that like to fester away inside a story, please let me know – I do appreciate it.

If I weren’t so tired, I’d have some smart and [what’s that other word?] comment, put some fire in there somehow, but … I’m dead-beat, brain-dead, delirious (wow! what a big word for the brain in this state!).

What happens now?

Two more stories are in final stages: The Valki of Three Salt Springs and Equine Neophyte of the Blood Desert. Another one, Monis Glinker – Priestess Unburdened, is well on the way, and The Third Moment is ready for rewrite.

Okay, that’s four, but only two are in the final stages.

How many of the above will be out by the end of the year?

I’ll make you a deal – the more sales we get for Agoness, the more hours I’ll put in on Valki and Equine – sound fair?

Right, you’re on! and I’m off!

Happy reading, writing, postulating – oh, and even posting. I might go to bed (It’s about 0700 (that’s 7am to ordinary people) here, and the rest of the world is about to arise and … Phhhh – what do I care – I’ll be snoozing, in bed, with the dog.





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