Who knows the rules to the Game?

If it were up to me, the rules would be so simple that even a three-year-old would understand. If it were up to me, the rules would be expanded on by one line a year throughout your life. If it were up to me, by the time you reach 21, you get to make your own rules.

That means (if you wanted to) you could disobey all the things you learned so well, to break away from the norm to experience the ‘other’ and to look beyond the clarity of the lines that contained your body and soul.

First though, you have to know the rules. What happens if there are no rules? How can you know if you’re a rebel or a browner (yes, you know what that means)? How can you know you’ve gone beyond the lines if the lines aren’t even there?

I like rules for the ones who need care. That’s the kids, the ones who start out little, grow up fast, and know everything by the time they’re 15. Of course they do, but only if they’ve learned what the rules are and how to get around them to get what they want.

How can they know what they want, or what rules to bend, break or manipulate if they don’t exist? How can that mind, so young and visionary, get the exercise it needs if it never has the boundaries that make the seeking of ‘beyond’ so intriguing?

My shortest post ever ‘cos I’m in developmental editing stage of two novels and don’t know when I’ll surface again (but not drowning, not sinking … maybe).




4 thoughts on “Who knows the rules to the Game?

    • But when you know you’re breaking rules, then you get that buzz, that sense of adventure, and a little bit of fear (who’s going to know?) … But then, rules are not quite the same as laws, and I leave that to my characters (but still get a thrill – can’t help it!).


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