One Disaster – another – another –

Shrug. Well, that's how it seems. Missed a few minor errors in the story - went into the folder to fix the docs  (there are three versions, one for each of the platforms: mobi, epub, and cs) and guess what? Damaged. Beyond repair. Ran a hardware test. Failure in hard-drive. What? Did I back-up? Of … Continue reading One Disaster – another – another –


Oh, no – it’s happening again

The fear and trepidation that comes after the 'final' polish, the horror of the realisation that there just isn't a picture that can truly represent the story - no cover! ---------------------------- here's the conversation: And it's too short - not enough words. No, scrap that. The editing process took out all the dross and ... … Continue reading Oh, no – it’s happening again

Agoness – Scene 1

Scene 1 “Father Holy he is,” the junior soldier spluttered as Landis, the RSM, stood stiffly at attention before the troops on parade. He’d need to wait until the young man finished before he could admonish, or punish, the presentation of the words. After a few more splutters, Landis sucked in a breath and lifted … Continue reading Agoness – Scene 1