Primary Source

Two events, it would seem from the post-event interviews – but no, it’s one event seen through many eyes. One side of the team saw the A story, the other team saw the B story.

Perception: it’s how the past creates and shapes what we see and feel and understand today. Discourse [how we communicate, learn, share, be] creates and shapes perception. It’s the same thing as saying: we learn from our history/community; we are what we came from, etc.

Or not.

Two people from the same family, the same school, the same community. One follows the Way of the Past, one steps Away and becomes Other. Different. The Black Sheep.

That person has organised their life, their history, to an outcome that is more purposeful than the norm. A choice has been made, and once made, must be forged. It takes courage and determination to step away from what is expected.

And it takes an expectation of being alone and separate from the norm of their history.

I speak from experience.

Where I come from, education isn’t necessary because ‘Who needs to know that?’ is how it was spoken of. To marry and produce children was essential – I didn’t want that [I did take on a few foster kids – 32 in all] because I don’t think a person should just because they can [nor do I climb mountains ‘because it’s there’]. I moved out of the family ‘location’ as soon as I could use my thumb [not that I had much choice, really, considering the mater kicked me out onto the streets at a young age anyway – ‘trouble-makers aren’t welcome here!].

I went out into the world.

It was scary. Living alone with the perceptions I had now to create for myself. The needs I had to learn I had to meet. The knowledge required to be more than I was. To be what I wanted to be, what I dreamed I could be.

It was hard. How can an underage [and scruffy] kid get anything?

What was the first lesson?

How to survive – yes, that was first and toughest. But then it came down to how to ‘read’ people.

Why? Because it’s only through community that we survive. Knowing who is going to hurt you or take things from you is critical. And so is recognising the people who are willing to share their knowledge, their paths, their food. [Not going to share how to ‘read’ – another lesson: we learn only through the doing of the thing.]

There are people in the world who are saints but are never recognised as such. There are people who rise to the top of hundreds of people’s hearts and they never know it.

And there are people who – we’ve all met them – think they are beyond the scrap-heap of the humans who litter the streets. These are the people who believe that if the street is swept often enough, the world will be fine. Closed eyes, closed mind. The people who impose their will on others and say ‘be like me’ to be ‘right’.

Well, you know what? My life lessons, though hard, are worth what I went through. My run-in with ‘discourses’ of life have made me a better person, a person who can share and feel and be – and that’s exactly what I wanted when I left that place so long ago.

Free to make choices that matter.



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