The small town - could Eva remember the name from the map? - didn't even qualify as a 'one-horse town' because there wasn't a soul on the street. Probably sensible - the heat! She'd torn her sleeves off hundreds of k's ago, stripped off her jeans and worn shorts (for the first time ever!), and … Continue reading There


The Final Scene Outline

For the Ghost Story (still to be named properly). Due to the vagaries of winter, TDF, time-stealing-stupid-activities (see housework, etc.), and other silly little things that take time away from writing --- it has taken longer than usual to complete the final scene outline for the ghost story. But --- tah-dah --- it's now complete! … Continue reading The Final Scene Outline

Still …

TDF, but today is the rest day, so I get slightly more sleep ... or should that be zzz? Anyway, here's what should normally happen tomorrow, but the race is back on tonight, so tomorrow may not happen then, so it's happening now. A Timely Reminder of The Simple Things About Story Sentences, Paragraphs, Scenes, … Continue reading Still …

E-Publishing Slip and Slide

K. Jaeger 2017. Re-listed from 5bayby14u (now closed). About to set sail with your opus? On the cusp of publishing your story/novel/opus? E-publish or self-publish or ...? The questions that come after completion of the major work seem overwhelming, but consider this: it's the best distraction for a long enough period of time that you can completely … Continue reading E-Publishing Slip and Slide