Wind blew a scatter of leaves across my path. The rattle matched the jangle of my reactions. Each sound caused a hitch in my step, caused my fists to clench, my head to turn - this way and that, check everything for movement, for shadows within shadows. For any black darker than the grey of … Continue reading Something


Lest We Forget …

It was a promise made, one man to another, who wrote it down and spoke it again and again. "Do not forget. Do not allow others to forget. Say it often: Lest we forget." ANZAC Day means something. It's not a celebration. It's about friends, and how they watched each other die in the stink … Continue reading Lest We Forget …

That Itch

It was a curse. A gypsy thing - to keep looking beyond the next moment, around the curve, over the next hill. To always be looking beyond where she was now. Binini had two things: the backpack with all the hooks and catches; and the roll-up doona, otherwise known as a mountain-grade sleeping bag. Oh, … Continue reading That Itch