Fibber, Fabricator, Teller of Tall Tales

That’s me! A storyteller; a writer; a person who puts stories out and shares them with the world. Well, that’s usually what happens. I set a schedule to do just that. And I joined in some projects with collaborations. And … and … and …

The inaugural AFLW (Australian Football League – Women) played their grand final yesterday – and I watched it! Exciting! There are many reasons why it’s exciting:

  • the first time women have played professional AFL in Australia
  • I always wanted to play
  • it was a good hard game

The latter, a good hard game, was my downfall. You see, I took a speccy over the lounge, hit the light/fan, dropped like a stone onto my right side, and … the result of that amazing speccy is dislocated hip, shoulder, and thumb. But the injury is meaningless; what matters is:

Eight weeks on the sideline.

So, I think, I can write; sit at the computer – groan in agony. No, can’t sit.

So, move the keyboard to a softer location. Done, now to type – can’t use the thumb (you can’t believe how long this short post has taken – or how many times I’ve had to go back to fix things —- aaarrrrgggghhhh!)

Eight weeks out.

There goes the schedule. Lower-lip drops sulkily down the chin.

Move the schedule back. By two months?! No, by one month, because I’m absolutely certain that by the time I can sit comfortably for even five minutes, I’ll be back.

I’ll be back!

How can the mind that thinks up dozens of new stories (the 26 letters of the alphabet, the 32 beat sheets to prove the theory, the working group that got 16 storyboards in one day, etc. etc. etc.) last that long?

It’s not possible; I know it’s not possible. I also know it won’t stop me. I can read through all the notes, the arcs, the beat sheets, the outlines and storyboards; I can come up with better, stronger, faster, more powerful beats – and learn to write with my left hand.

there is always a way; there is always hope; there is always that brat of a fibber, fabricator, liar (tale-teller if you don’t like that word) who spins words and worlds and ideas in loops of fantastical dreams through my mind.

I’ll be back!

In the meantime, I’ve sent my favourite B-reader (Bear) the almost-final-final first draft of Equine; I’ve set a project for Shannon and Karel, and Nan (Rose) is busy with getting the legal rights to be able to tell some of her stories.

But I sit (try to) in the position that causes the least pain, and dream (and practice writing lefty).


3 thoughts on “Fibber, Fabricator, Teller of Tall Tales

    • Thanks – I hate being forced to slow down. What I really need is a spare hand (machinery?) – or … a personal assistant who doesn’t speak or need to go to the toilet or … no, sorry, that’s a slave, isn’t it?
      I wait, laid-out by the fantastic fly over the lounge chair in the demonstration of Aussie rules footy. Should a slightly older fem consider these things are best left to the young?
      No, me neither!

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