The War in Australia – Renewables

It’s a subject much in the news lately. A big controversy over energy. I live in South Australia, and we went dark last year – cut off the national grid by the other states because they didn’t want to be damaged by our storm. They cut us off, but blamed equipment and automated responses. We are not silly, and we know better – because it happens all the time.

In Australia when you talk about National Energy – it means New South Wales and Victoria, because that’s where everyone lives, isn’t it?


South Australia is moving to a high level of renewable energy production sources. A good thing. They may have rushed it by shutting down some of the older generators a bit too soon, but the vision was sound. We can’t go on taking unsustainable fuels and using them as if they going to last forever. They won’t. We know that. And no amount of big-knobs giving us the sob-stories of ‘running out of gas’ is going to get us to back fracking.

They’d better get over it.

There are so many different ways to use renewable sources to produce energy. Solar is good, back it up with wind and battery farms and it’s reasonably sustainable (Apart from the plastics – made from oils – used to create these things). Tidal generation (not just the Snowy scheme that benefits only one state with little trickles into the second state) and water schemes would be a good bet to get some research going.

We all know what needs to happen, so why are we even giving the time of day to these petulant little CEO’s who want more better numbers on their bottom line? Does anyone really believe it can’t be a democratic society without Capitalism running the economics of freedom? Just because we see the loudest voice in the room ranting and raving and postulating, do we think we should believe it?

Putting our costs up is putting us at cross-purposes, turning us away from doing business with that company. We know when we’re being lied to. We know who loses.

The People voted in a government to do a job – not to poke fingers and rude words at other politicians (he’s a blah, blah; he doesn’t know his own shoelaces; he’s a hick from a hick-state, etc.) and think this is all it takes. Do your job, or the next lot voted in (you know, the red-head voters who are sick of the schoolboy antics of the current top two gamers) will do what’s happening elsewhere in the world. Believe it. Open your eyes and see the evidence.

The People are many, and they’re sick of the palaver. Every day we hear it: ‘we need to put prices up for this reason, or that reason, or because our investors … blah, blah, blah’ – we have to tighten our belts, live on less, etc., but if we don’t see you doing it, or if we see blatant waste and corruption, what do you think we’ll do about it?

Don’t think we don’t know the truth; don’t think we don’t know how much we, the People, get bled by these Capitalist businesses backed by government (our) money. Don’t think we aren’t teaching our children, the future voters, how to think beyond the rhetoric.

If the world is to keep growing and therefore keep up the flow of consumers, someone somewhere needs to consider just how energy is provided to keep up the standards the people have come to expect.

We need to move beyond the things that aren’t sustainable (and I include nuclear due to the risk of accidents and storage of waste issues) and into the areas that are not only sustainable, but viable for the planet, won’t harm the creatures who live on this little rock, and won’t cost us an arm and a leg and a safe place to walk.

Look beyond the need for a secure business to the need for a secure planet. Think big, macro even, but know that it starts with the smallest thought. We in South Australia may not seem to be important to anyone else, either in this country or the world at large, but remember, this is the place that gave women the vote first. We are progressive.

Jay Weatherill, go renewables. Please. F*&k the Federal lunatics who can’t move or act on anything, despite their promises.

the storm



Sorry, couldn’t help it – I don’t like being sold down the plughole by big businesses who think they run the country, or by governments who think they have a mandate to denigrate the states who do the right thing by their people.

And I’m one of the people who votes, who also lives on a very small income (my hospital only cover is 15% of my total income, and it’s just gone up again by nearly 5% – so I’ll be dropping that and going to the public system, won’t I? More cost to the public purse because our government caved – again!).

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