2016 – The Year in Review

Did I reach my goal? Achieve what I set out do?

In the beginning, it was the purpose of learning the ropes in the e-world (yes, I know; I was an IT person – but that was mainframe, not modern stuff); this was a place to put my face without the face being visible (that’s me: the invisible person); it was the place to discuss the books – and the goal was to write five books.20160730_122658

I did better: Six books.

Moordenaar, which became The Blood List (mistake to change the name though); which became retired – it could be brought back at a later stage, but Neo Noir could be a bit dark for the other titles. Goodnight, sweetheart. I shall dream of you.

But it was complete and published.

The Journey of Shadow, Book I of the Narrung Sagas: Complete (not retired, but needs serious surgical restructuring).

A Dragon Dream, Book II of the Narrung Sagas: Complete.

Unknown Sins: Complete (now retired – needs surgical restructuring): Complete.

Speculations of a Dark Nature (compilation counts as a novel length work): Complete.

The Third Moment, not yet published because I’m too late for the Christmas market so I’ll let it rest until the week between Christmas and New Year and do a final review before publishing, but: Complete.

That’s six novel length works, and my goal: Five Books in a Year.

If I want to be picky about it, the first draft of Shadow was complete before the year started (well, most of it), and Moodenaar was in a 50/50 complete outline state, and Unknown Sins was fairly well formed (but in a different genre) and some of the short stories were already written – but:

Going into next year with the same goal of five books a year, I have:

Two stories in outline;

42 (yeah, I need distraction sometimes, it seems) shorts in various states of undress;

17 ideas for novel-length stories with some accompanying notes.

And I still have to make time to do the artwork, the publishing, the spreading of the word. Oh, and reading up on the craft skills I need to work on, remember, and use.

So, all in all, I did what I set out to do – and better.

And next year?

Five novel length (well-structured and well-written and well-received) books published;

Two competitions (one story, one literary);

And a new web-site to write for (5bayby14u) which I’m helping to set up (and will be contributing a once a week blog post!).

Yeah, Five books a year, and two blog sites (might have to do a once a week here and a once a week post there – we’ll see), and two competitions, and keep learning. And keep doing – and before you know it, I’ll be looking back at this post and asking the question again, but this time with emphasis on something different:

What will be the aim (for 2017) from the effort of the writing? I think I might have to look at whether the hours put in achieve any ledger activity.

Goal 4: earn some real dosh.

Next week: Q3.

See you then!





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