Visible – Invisible?

The word for the day is ostentatious. What does it mean? – marked by a vulgar display of wealth and success designed to impress people. I’m not so sure about that (it may have been how it was defined for the 20th C, but now?); I think it’s more along the lines of: a vulgar display designed to impress people (see? without the wealth bit – because everyone/anyone can pretend to wealth, can’t they?). That means it can include the people who are desperately in debt, but can still float the mask of richness and gaudiness based on access to credit and online shopping and multiple personalities to display on sites and posts.

The ostentatious bit is the peacock attitude – put it out there for the world to see, because now the world CAN see you: in the shopped photo, in the head-chopped evening wear from someone else’s body shot, in the shadows of the softened and refined mannerism of words used to present – the masks are so much more than a single entity, a single person.

The ostentatious person can now be a multiple-personality with multiple masks and the WHOLE WORLD can see them. Famous, important, lots of hits and friends and . . .

The modern form of ostentatious is the persona who presents the display of vulgarity and passes it off as class, or fact, or the whole purpose in life.

Nothing personal or factual; nothing solid or substantial; not a mirror or a reflection of anyone or anything – a front that person would like to believe isn’t a fabrication. It is a refraction, a burst of light that goes off in different directions based on the flavour of the wind that day, or the fashionable colour the next. It is wind that picks up dirt and passes it off as fairy dust.

Each beam of light highlights another aspect of character, a different direction of thought, a new colour to chase to the end of the rainbow.

But fractured light is an indication of fear, of loneliness, of a life lived without connection.

Bring the ostentatious mannerisms back into the childhood games of dress-up, leave them behind when the child moves onto adolescence, look upon the moments of ostentation in your past as moments of passion, of flights of fancy, of the desire to be the centre of attention – but move on, live a life truly your own, choose your own representation of self – with or without the vulgarity (I mean, who am I to say how you should represent yourself?), but only be true to the person you know you are.

Only then will you recognise the patterns of light and colour for their true purpose . . .


Today has been difficult – computer problems (again! off to the shop, naughty thing), crashes, glitches, etc. etc. But I persist, and off to work I go, to be (no, no, no – do not touch it, think about it – no, no, no) productive in a story (not the one with the beta readers, no, no, no) or a plan or something. It seems I can’t go a day without putting pen to paper (finger to keyboard, even if half the characters are missing from the keys – third keyboard this year!) or drifting into another world, a multi-verse of story and idea and plan and structure.

But first, I have something to read:

Story, by Robert McKee – Wow!

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