It’s That Time

Sunday morning; time to get out the fresh bit of paper (blank screen) and get into all the little ideas and story germs that patter their way into my thoughts and moments during the last week.

This week was a little subdued; I wonder if that’s because I’ve been able to work head-down, bum-up on the Dragon Dream novel with such gusto – no stopping to research little things, or changes from the characters, or plot or arc stall points. In fact, it went so well this week, I finished the first draft. Not just the outline, the whole, complete, almost ready to move onto editing stage first draft completed. And I think that’s because the world stuff, the character stuff, the situation and problems and conflicts, were already there, in my head or in the notes or in the previous story. I won’t say it’s been easy – it’s still hard work and dedication and the 3p’s (patience, persistence, perseverance), but . . . I’m pleased.


So now I sit down to write out all the little idea seeds that popped up, either while I was trying to work, while I was lying awake at night (pretending to either sleep or meditate), while watching telly or reading stuff that wasn’t interesting, washing the dishes, doing laundry – anytime the brain isn’t active in the current project, in fact.

Write them down, give them some other words to build up the bed of words into a garden, let it sit until the season is right, and the time is right, and the moon shines full and highlights those words into the magic of a story.

The main idea this week came with just one word (often happens like that). The word: Inspection. Although the character (my things always start with a person) said ” ‘spection” like it was a special thing in his world, and like it was something to fear. The picture was from inside a building, and he’d just jammed as much furniture up against the openings as possible, pulled his companion down below the sight line of the gaps in the windows, and waited. Sure enough, barely seconds later, a face appears at one of the gaps. A voice: ‘sure I heard something – we gotta fill the quota this week, or the ‘spections start in our section.’

Interesting, isn’t it? No real story yet, but there’s the characters, the start of a plot, and the conflict of ‘them or us’.

of course, I can’t do anything about it right now except fill that blank page (usually it’s just a para or a scene or a page (or two)) at this stage, but I know it’s going to sit there and wait and while it’s waiting, the idea and form and structure will grow and flower and be ready to bear fruit – at the right time.

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