Friday’s Screech


Did I ever tell you that I don’t plan these things (blog posts, that is)? I just start my day by doing some form of writing, and this is a good way to do something, warm the brain up, and on something that isn’t part of the current big-issue project. Completely off-topic to the rest of the day. I read what’s on the Daily Post and JUMP right in (if it fits – and I have to say, there’s always a way to make one word fit into something I write about).

No thinking, no procrastinating, no plan, no structure – just one of the ‘my moments’ rants or discussions or thoughts; sometimes a short story or an idea for a short, or a simple piece that puts my heart on the line (like the anniversaries of certain events – I’m sure everyone has some of those). And my animals.

Sometimes I put words in their actions or looks or interactions. They are a study of character (yes, they are – our pets are very good at adapting to see our needs). It can be quite funny to anyone who visits to hear the conversations that go in so many directions but come from only one (and sometimes two) mouths. I don’t necessarily speak for them, just say the words I think their expression represents. Much like I do to characters in a story – I am not them, yet I say the words that best represent what they want said, done, or felt.

The other thing about these Daily Post things is that I write a minimum of 400 words. Why? Well, anything less doesn’t get picked up by the spideys that pick through the jungle of words – they only see lumps of GT 400 words, anything else is considered ‘filling ‘ and gets passed over (don’t take it for gospel – no research on this matter, but I believe it to be factual. Like most ‘facts’ spouted by anyone, you should always check it out yourself, just in case. I mean, I trust me, but should you?)

Filling is not the stuff I want out there to represent my words – I want (even if it is fluffy content) to be ‘real’ to the spidey bots, real to the people who want to read words and stories and little bitty moments. This is my moment in the sun (well, the words anyway – and that is what I use to represent myself as well) and I want to both be fully out there and naked in what I put up, and protected and warm and cosy by the people I associate with. I want power and passion and participation.

So I write, tell stories, create novels and books, and share whatever thoughts come into my head. I jumped right into this, decided to get it done. Write five books a year for five years and warm up my writing day by putting up a blog of at least 400 words at least three times a week.

That’s my strategy, my warm-up, the start to my working day. And that’s why you get it raw, with occasional errors, mistakes and unthought-through concepts. Raw.


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