Character Interview (M)

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A minor character, someone who wasn’t supposed to play a big part in the story – that’s what I thought, but she (M, we’ll call her here) had her own ideas. So I have to recharge her role, and went back to her profile for an interview, which follows:

M – character profile/interview, Sat 10 Sept 2016.

Why don’t you like him (B)?

He’s a wuss! I mean, really, what do you expect? I been so many places, met so many people, done so much for my people – and what’s he done? De Liddle Boy Dun Nuttin, bin no where, got no people left at all.

Is that a good enough reason? Because he’s young and inexperienced?

No, that’s not what I mean – he’s one of those who say only what’s expected, and then that’s it! Nothing actually happens! Just say the right words, and that’s all – no work required, no further thought or effort necessary.

I don’t understand that. What does it have to do with B?

I don’t like him. He’s a punk, and a cage-rattler, and he made trouble for us – and he broke my magic! Is that enough?

No, not really. He’s part of your team, isn’t he?

How can a dead person be part of the team? Especially ’cause he’s dead through lack of care and consideration for his surroundings and the people in it – you know, us! He died, yes, that’s sad, but he nearly took all of us with him. We nearly lost this thing before it got started, and why? ‘Cos he couldn’t . . . well, you know.

Tell me about the magic.

What? Did I say that? Not supposed to. No one supposed to know about that. If I lose that, I’m not a person of the People anymore, not a member of the elders or the lorists or the singers. Don’t tell anyone I said that, for crying out loud! Besides, I didn’t say . . . yes, I did – he broke my magic. Well, he did. I had the protection up – the best I could do – and what happened? Snapped at the edges, at the centre, at the points of begin and end – and that thing got in and got him – because he broke it and I was protecting him.

And her?

Yeah, and her as well – even if she don’t know nothing about this sort of stuff. It was supposed to protect her, too. She’s here – I don’t know why she’s here, she’s not one of us – but if she was here, she was part of the protection, so yes, I had the protection over her as well.

Why did it work for her and not for him?

Are you a person of magic?


Then you don’t need to know. To be a holder of the lore of magic, you get trained. If you’re not trained, you can’t be told any of it, not for any reason. It’s danger to you, and death to the person who flaps the lips. Get it?

Is there any other reason for the anger?

We can’t win, you know. We can’t win. That was the best I could do, and I’m the strongest in that magic – not just here, but in the world – and it broke like a piece of rotten fruit. I felt it, the way it cracked and shattered and burst – and the same thing happened inside me. You don’t think magic can be broken and not have consequences?

I’m sorry, I should have realised the pain it would cause.

Yep, you should’ve. It hurt, all right. In any normal mortal person, it would’ve killed the caller. Good thing I’m not the normal mortal person, isn’t it?

But you are, aren’t you? Normal, mortal, magic-dreamer?

Yeah, and don’t you forget it. And, smarty, I’m a secondary character, not a minor one. Okay. I go now.


Now I can go back to work knowing how she feels about what I did to her, and why she wouldn’t stand still for it.

copyright CS Dunn 2016 (from The Third Moment character interviews).





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    • Just magic – the hue and tone of any magic can be dangerous in some hands, just look at electricity and how careful the practitioners have to be – or the consequences can be dire!

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