A Muse in the . . .

What is the word for a whole passel of muses? Multiple voices yelling that it’s time they had a chance to say something?

Musae – that’s what it is. Hundreds of them, hanging around, waiting – not quietly – for their chance in the sun (or words). But they never shut up, never go away, never leave the mind at peace. Never.

In the bath, and my other half comes in, asks “you okay?”, I say “yeah, we’re fine.” he says “we?” I say “yeah, me and my muse – it’s telling me a story.”

True. This happens all the time. I don’t think I’ll live long enough to tell all the stories that come to me that way. Too many.

I worked it out once (this thought came from the muse of numbers). If I wrote ten books a year, I’d have to live for at least another fifty years to get them all done. Fifty years of writing ten books a year! I sincerely hope that some of these muses have more ears to tweak than just mine.

They do, you know. How do I know this? There was a story I ‘put out’ in an (almost) complete form that was so similar to one put out only one year later by a famous author that I knew the muse had ventured far and wide to get those words into an appropriate ear. So they do get around.

What does it mean? Well, and I think long and hard about this, it means that I can pick and choose the stories that interest me and take them on; leave the others – that muse can go find somebody else to pester.

It does seem to reflect that certain ‘themes’ of stories seem to come out at about the same time (relative thing, this, so take it as a broad moment of about 2 years or so). Remember the dome stories – profligate for a few years, then disappeared. You can find them – they’re everywhere! I promise. The muse who holds that story is not there for just you – it is the job of the muse to find someone to write it – and the more seeds it drops, the more likely it is to get its way. I promise.

So if you have a good seed for a story, get writing. That muse will be stepping out on you, moving the idea here, there and everywhere – it won’t wait, and nor should you.

This post was meant for yesterday, but the musae kept me busy, so it’s a day late! Blame them – it’s not my fault!

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  7. I think this pheonomena seems to happen with inventions too. Around the same time, even though they are on opposite sides of a continent (pre-airplane days), people made very similar inventions.

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