Scheduling Begins

Please bear with me as I undergo this journey into the new world (for me) of blogging and speaking with a community that encompasses an element of imagination.

An intro: I am a storyteller, inside out and upside down. Stories short and long, poems, excerpts, ideas, musings on what makes a good story – these are the things that will arrive here.

Keep in mind, I am not a poet, even though I enjoy the process of creating feelings through the style of words as poetry. In a way, poetry is like music – it can express feelings that don’t quite fledge properly in prose or dialogue.

I’m not a musician, though I use music to induce a particular mood so I can write while in that mood. The purpose: to ‘feel’ every nuance of that character at that moment; to ‘live’ that moment through the eyes, the nose, the heart of that character; and to become one with the story.

That’s what I do. That’s my job – to write stories.

I have heard people talk about the ‘idea’ of what a writer is and what they do (apparently, it’s all easy), but let me tell you what it really is:

A writer has a job – every day. That job is to create words that compel a story from start to finish, a story the reader must continue with because they are so completely enmeshed with the character/s within.

The completed creation is a product, either a book, an e-book, a story (short of long), another form of prose, a poem (and now a blog). The product must then have a presentation: covers, blurbs, etc., all the pretty things that will bring it to the attention of the people who want to read it.

And the final piece, the business of writing – that’s when you bring your product to market, just like a farmer. It is the worst part of writing as a profession because in the not-too-distant past, it was a publisher who undertook this role. Not any more. Very few writers are picked up by traditional publishers, even fewer new writers, and the contracts can suck the life (and the product) so far from the author they never write again, or they never publish again, or they go the self-publishing route. Me, I’m going the e-book road.

That long bit of intro is telling you why I’m here. Once upon a time, I wanted to find a publisher for my stories. Now, I am my own publisher through e-books. Please enjoy my stories, as I put up the blogs each Friday (or Thursday night) and Sunday.

Thank you for listening.

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