Just so you know …

I'm taking a little nap from the site for a while. Back in May, 2021, unless I catch too many mice in my dreams. What I'm doing, in reality, is editing and writing and editing and writing and editing and writing ... I'll be back ...


A short story (500 words-ish) Same, but different. After all this time, all this distance, and only Innes remained the same ten-year-old she’d been then. Her best clothes now worn to rags, her feet bare since the sandals turned to scaly flakes. She was back at the place, but not the moment. The fishing market … Continue reading Slip

Easy-to-Understand Fiction paragraphing

When writing essays and non-fiction, there are rules for what a paragraph is, what it does, what is presented for the beginning, middle and end (sounds a bit familiar, I'm thinking). In fiction, however, it seems the same rules don't work. They must not, or I wouldn't be reading (or trying to read) a story … Continue reading Easy-to-Understand Fiction paragraphing

Being True to Character

In a professional sense, this time. Something I've noticed recently is the lack of professional attitude in story characters. It's disappointing, even if I understand how much work goes into the story. The character can't be identifiable by a reader as a fraud, out of place/time, or using the wrong objects/words. A priest doesn't walk … Continue reading Being True to Character

Five Year Anniversary

Any reason to celebrate is a good reason ... ACHIEVEMENT Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!You registered on WordPress.com 5 years ago.Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging. Now, how shall I celebrate? Wine, music and dance? Burger, beer and dance? Barbie, bangers, and beer? Think I'll go the beer and bangers. Photo by Enric Cruz … Continue reading Five Year Anniversary