Caturday funnies: There’s a nap for that

Don’t we all wish we could do this? *sigh* enjoy!

bluebird of bitterness

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[Yes, I've had this up before, and I tried to reblog it, but it didn't work, so you get to see it again, as it was in the beginning ...] Finally, a word that is truly mine from the Daily Post! Cranky! That's me, you see. C-R-A-N-K-Y Critter. Me. In a nutshell. A cranky critter. … Continue reading Yeeeee-haaaaaa

Be Good, Be Good…

This is serious! Don’t laugh … I dare you …

Learn Fun Facts

Be good, be good, be always good,
And now & then be clever,
But don’t you ever be too good,
Nor ever be too clever;
For such as be too awful good
They awful lonely are,
And such as often clever be
Get cut & stung & trodden on by persons of lesser mental capacity, for this kind do by a law of their construction regard exhibitions of superior intellectuality as an offensive impertinence leveled at their lack of this high gift, & are prompt to resent such-like exhibitions in the manner above indicated — & are they justifiable? alas, alas they

(It is not best to go on; I think the line is already longer than it ought to be for real true poetry.)

Mark Twain

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I’m Going to Eat Chocolate Today …

It's a rare treat. A lovely, luscious sensation that melts in your mouth like a dream, that rolls over your tongue like a wave of sinful satin, that surges your heart from normal rhythm to on-the-way-to-heaven bells. The smell will wake you from sleep like a lover who knows your deepest desires. Chocolate. I have … Continue reading I’m Going to Eat Chocolate Today …

It’s A-Live!!!

The moment has come. Picquet is published. The e-book is out there. And Smashwords has it half-price for the July Summer-Winter Sale. A new world, a dangerous place mistakenly assessed as suitable for human colonisation. An inexperienced corporal must lead a motley group of civilians to the only possible point of extraction. Mistake, or exile? Corporal … Continue reading It’s A-Live!!!

It’s That Time – SmashWords Summer-Winter Sale July 1-31

1-31 July 2018   And these are the books I'll have in it:   Fantasy, battle     Fantasy, red desert     Fantasy Allegory, Australian fauna     Soft sci-fi, urban fantasy, tarot cards   A new book will be published in July: A new world, a dangerous place mistakenly assessed as suitable for … Continue reading It’s That Time – SmashWords Summer-Winter Sale July 1-31